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(hooves on pavement)
- The horses really do help you with aggression.
Once you own a horse, and you out,
that's all your mind is on, is having fun.
My Shahir and I'm a Concrete Cowboy.
(hooves on pavement)
I first got a horse after I turned 10.
I was young so I was like, "I like that horse."
I thought it was cool.
Horses have a temper just like us.
Me and Shadow had to combine out tempers and work together
because she used to walk while everybody else was running,
buck, throw people off,
and I used to always get back on her,
just to have the patience.
When I ride people actually give me like props,
they actually applaud me, the hood guys and everything.
They be asking me, can I ride?
You wanna trade?
People like it.
- Hello horsey.
- When the stable started about 10 years ago,
it gave me something to do.
Something to keep the kids busy with, keep them occupied
from running the street,
getting in trouble.
In Southwest Philadelphia there's a lot of senseless killing
and I try to give kids something to get away
from stuff like that.
And when they start learning with the animals,
they kinda calm down, because they teaching, they learning,
and it helps them out a lot.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Violence in this community is crazy.
I done lost a brother, a uncle, I lost a lot of friends,
but when I work with the horses it's like a type of therapy.
I can have fun and not worry about everything else
that's going on around us.
If I would have never met Malik and sat around horses,
I probably would have been doing stuff
that I wasn't suppose to be doing.
Getting in trouble.
Once you get to running and having fun,
it seems like all that is forgotten.


The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia's Streets

120 タグ追加 保存
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