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  • Don't cry~ it will be ok~

  • Mu

  • The pain has flown away~

  • Mu Feng

  • Mu Feng

  • Xinxin, what do you say?

  • President

  • I suddenly received an emergency call from Company X on the road.

  • So I sent Xiao Wu to find Mrs.....

  • What kind of phone call is more important than her?

  • Sorry, boss, I have sent people to check it.

  • Don't worry, the doctor said that Mrs. is only suffering from a little skin injury and will soon be able to...

  • Then why is she still not awake?

  • She has been faint for half an hour

  • A skin injure will make her faint for so long?

  • You are all useless!

  • Uh...

  • Tingyu

  • Xinxin

  • I am

  • Do you feel uncomfortable?

  • I must be dreaming, Lei Tingyu, that proud man

  • How would he talk to me in this tone?

  • She doesn't know me, is her brain ok?

  • You check her again.

  • OK

  • Am I still in my dream, how can Lei Tingyu is here...

  • who am I

  • You are my ex-husband, Lei Tingyu.

  • The touch is so real, not a dream!

  • I only remember that I came out from the Lan family and fainted.

  • When I opened my eyes again, I saw Lei Tingyu. What happened?

  • Don't touch, you have three stitches here |

  • What?

  • Tingyu, are you okay?

  • Are you stimulated by something?

  • you shut up

  • Who made the injury on your head?

  • I accidentally fell

  • Sorry, I didn't make the muffin that I promised

  • Don't worry about muffins! I ask you how did you get hurt, answer me!

  • President

  • This family member, patient needs to rest

  • Not telling the truth

  • well

  • I will call your mother's sanatorium and withdraw her attending physician.

  • No

  • You can't do this

  • You are crazy, don't move

  • Don't move, lie down and rest! Listen to my words!

  • It is not too difficult for me to acquire a nursing home.

  • Her situation is very good, as long as I cooperate with the doctor.

  • Going to see her on time, she may have the possibility of recovery and discharge

  • As long as you get the Lie's plan, I will fully cooperate with the doctor.

  • shut up

  • Shut up! Enough!

  • I am tired of you, threaten me with my mother!

  • What did I do wrong? Why do this to me?

  • why

  • For my mother, I can bear Lan Mantian's yelling and beating.

  • But I can't do it in such a mean way, I can't do it!

  • You just woke up, calm down, it's not good for your health.

  • Let me make you feel disgusting

  • Ok, don't cry. If you keep crying, I will make the call.

  • You yell at me

  • Who can hurt her, but she is not willing to say

  • Did you go back to Lan's house?

  • I,I didn't go back.

  • Very good, Lan Mantian, dare to touch my woman

  • Ok, you have a good rest, and when you wake up, everything will be fine.

  • Then my mom

  • If you behave, I won't make the call

  • President, Mrs. was injured after coming out of Lan's house.

  • No matter what, I want to see the Lan's stock fall down for a week.

  • Yes

  • Remember, don't let it die too fast, let it worse than dead.

  • understand

  • Yes

Don't cry~ it will be ok~


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Marry Me Again, HoneyS1E15 FOR HER,EVERYTHING (オリジナル/英サブ) (Marry Me Again, HoneyS1E15 FOR HER,EVERYTHING (Original/Eng sub))

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