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Don't cry~ it will be ok~
The pain has flown away~
Mu Feng
Mu Feng
Xinxin, what do you say?
I suddenly received an emergency call from Company X on the road.
So I sent Xiao Wu to find Mrs.....
What kind of phone call is more important than her?
Sorry, boss, I have sent people to check it.
Don't worry, the doctor said that Mrs. is only suffering from a little skin injury and will soon be able to...
Then why is she still not awake?
She has been faint for half an hour
A skin injure will make her faint for so long?
You are all useless!
I am
Do you feel uncomfortable?
I must be dreaming, Lei Tingyu, that proud man
How would he talk to me in this tone?
She doesn't know me, is her brain ok?
You check her again.
Am I still in my dream, how can Lei Tingyu is here...
who am I
You are my ex-husband, Lei Tingyu.
The touch is so real, not a dream!
I only remember that I came out from the Lan family and fainted.
When I opened my eyes again, I saw Lei Tingyu. What happened?
Don't touch, you have three stitches here |
Tingyu, are you okay?
Are you stimulated by something?
you shut up
Who made the injury on your head?
I accidentally fell
Sorry, I didn't make the muffin that I promised
Don't worry about muffins! I ask you how did you get hurt, answer me!
This family member, patient needs to rest
Not telling the truth
I will call your mother's sanatorium and withdraw her attending physician.
You can't do this
You are crazy, don't move
Don't move, lie down and rest! Listen to my words!
It is not too difficult for me to acquire a nursing home.
Her situation is very good, as long as I cooperate with the doctor.
Going to see her on time, she may have the possibility of recovery and discharge
As long as you get the Lie's plan, I will fully cooperate with the doctor.
shut up
Shut up! Enough!
I am tired of you, threaten me with my mother!
What did I do wrong? Why do this to me?
For my mother, I can bear Lan Mantian's yelling and beating.
But I can't do it in such a mean way, I can't do it!
You just woke up, calm down, it's not good for your health.
Let me make you feel disgusting!
Ok, don't cry. If you keep crying, I will make the call.
You yell at me
Who can hurt her, but she is not willing to say
Did you go back to Lan's house?
I,I didn't go back.
Very good, Lan Mantian, dare to touch my woman
Ok, you have a good rest, and when you wake up, everything will be fine.
Then my mom
If you behave, I won't make the call
President, Mrs. was injured after coming out of Lan's house.
No matter what, I want to see the Lan's stock fall down for a week.
Remember, don't let it die too fast, let it worse than dead.


Marry Me Again, HoneyS1E15 FOR HER,EVERYTHING (Original/Eng sub)

489 タグ追加 保存
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