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hey it's Phae, and this is Day with Phae. I'm going to show you the best way to
pack for a winter trip. First, I have my large Away checked bag with two
compartments: the left for rigid things that can't be compressed and the right
for things that can be compressed, like clothes. This bag also comes with a
laundry bag that can neatly be tucked away when not in use. Time to undo the
compression pad and get out them packing cubes! I got this as a set from Amazon
it's linked down below, as is this luggage. Now, my trip is a week long but I
plan to do laundry once. So I packed for three days worth of clothes. I'm starting
with three pants and three thermal pants. Thermal pants are super useful in the
cold. I also packed stockings too because you can never have too many layers. Then
I put them all in a packing cube. Packing cubes keep things nice and neat and easy
to find. Now I also packed a thermal shirt, three
long-sleeve shirts, and an ugly sweater for Christmas.
I almost forgot about my evening dress! The next cube is dedicated to PJs. I
packed three PJ sets and PJ pants, of course. The next cube is for
undergarments. Now all that's left are my scarves, my gloves, and my hat. I then put
the compression pad on top, where I plan to put some of my toiletries inside. Then
I compress. I'm not packing my parka. I'm actually wearing it to the airport to
save space. Now for boots. I have these fashion boots that are easily foldable
compared to these sturdy snow boots that can't fold. I'll wear the latter to the
airport and fold the fashion boots into a zipped bag.
Since this is a holiday trip, I'm packing my bridesmaids proposal boxes and some
Christmas presents too, of course. Also going in the incompressible side is my
makeup bag and my toiletry bag. The good news is that the boxes and gifts are not
coming back with me, so I will have a lot more space for whatever souvenirs I buy
and whatever gifts I may receive. I weighed this whole bag, by the way, and it was
around 35 pounds. Next, as my carry-on I am bringing my camera backpack. I love
this bag; it even has a slot for a laptop. I just take any lens hoods that I have
and flip them upside down, pack the lenses I think I'll need. For this trip, I
brought my standard kit lens, my Sigma art lens for portraits, my telephoto
lens, and my wide-angle lens. And when this vlog is over, I'll pack my vlogging
camera here as well. Don't forget to charge all your batteries and your
headphones. Lastly, this is my outfit to the airport. Thanks, guys!


How To Pack For A Winter Trip | Away Travel | ORGANIZED AND EASY

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