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Both: This is a Japanese airport!
[Rock Music]
So, Haneda airport invited us over to vlog and show what they have here.
Uh huh... And we were like "What?"
What is there to see in an airport?
Okay you got... here is the security checkpoint...
Here's where you check in your luggage and stuff!
But, uh, no! Turns out
there's a lot more to this airport than that.
This is the international passenger terminal.
Jun: Right.
Rachel: If you're on the third floor... and you're getting ready to leave on a flight
make sure you go past that and go up the escalators because that's where all the cool stuff starts.
Jun: Let´s go!
Believe it or not there is a racetrack here, which we're going to go try right now.
Jun: Whoa look at this!
Jun: This is legit!
Rachel: Crazy!
Rachel: Alright grandma, is this as fast as you're gonna go?
Jun: You know what? I'm a very safe driver.
[Rachel laughs]
Rachel: Jeez, Jun!
Jun: I am a responsible man.
Rachel: Why are you even doing this?
Jun: This is how we drive in Japan alright?
Rachel: Why are you even here if you're not going to take it seriously?
Rachel: Which one should I get?
These are the fast cars.
Jun: Those are the fastest.
Rachel: Which one's more aerodynamic?
Jun: Damn woman, you're so serious.
Rachel: This black one? It's going to be hard to see for the camera
[demonic voice] BUT I HAVE TO WIN
Okay, I already crashed... [laughs]
This is very serious.
Where is the scoreboard?!
Dang it!
Jun: You're the only adult here who is being savage.
No one else's car is crashing while going around the corners at the same speed that I am going at.
Something fishy going on here. [Jun laughs]
Jun: How is it?
This isn't over!
So here we have a flight simulator.
Jun: That's so cool!
Rachel: So you can get on a plane. You can fly it yourself...
It looks like there's easy, normal and hard mode.
Jun: Uh huh.
And apparently we're starting off with hard mode.
[Jun laughs]
Jun: Try not to crash. Alright. Rachel: Let's do this!
Rachel: Dude! I have extra screens!
[Jun laughs]
None of -- the others don't even have all of these screens!
Jun: Good luck!
Rachel: Okay.
Jun: Rachel, shut the door!
I'm going!
Jun: Shut the door.
I´m going...
Ah maybe I should have... read the instructions first.
Good afternoon passengers.
I am your pilot. My name is Rachel and today...
Jun: Captain Rachel!
Am I, am I going off to the side?!
Jun: I think you are.
I can't turn!
Jun: Rachel, you're... [laughs]
Jun: AUGH!
Oh we are going up now.
[Jun laughs]
I can do this! Pull it up. Oh my god you're ...
Rachel: Omg, what is it doing?! Jun: Whoaaa... no!!
I can do this.
Jun: You're going to kill all the passengers.
Rachel: SHHHH!!
QUIET! I don't need any pressure on me right now!
What do these mean?
Oh. I'm landing.
That was a quick flight.
Jun: So I guess that's the airport you're landing on.
You need to get out of the cockpit and go back to your seat, please.
I'm trying to land a plane.
Jun: I can't help it, I'm- Rachel: SECURITY!
Jun: Okay... landing!
Rachel: I'm...
//40, 30, 20, 10//
Check that landing!
Jun: You actually landed safely?
Look at that.
Jun: No way!
[Jun laughs]
Jun: Alright, let's go..
Jun: Cool zone.
Jun: This floor is cool.
Rachel: Look at the floors! They are lighting up. This is actually really cool.
Jun: Yeah.
Jun: Is that a UFO?
Jun: Starry Cafe. Wooh!
Jun! This is so cool!
Jun: Wow.
Rachel: What?
Jun: This is really pretty.
I feel so relaxed right now.
We have a light [laughs] so that we can see the menu.
Jun: Cool.
They've a list of their shows.
Jun: Oh, nice!
Rachel: There are so many different shows.
Jun: Yeah.
You have to stay here all day to watch them all.
Jun: You got your drink!
Rachel: Yeeeaaah! Thanks for lighting it up with the flashlight.
Jun: How is it?
Very berry.
No, it's actually-
As you would expect of Japan, it's just actual berry flavor.
It's good.
Okay, so they actually have, like, two-ish hours of shows.
So if you're here you can sit down for a while and watch a bunch of different things.
Um, My favorite so far was the . . .
[tabisuru nuigurumi]
Rachel: There's a stuffed animal who got lost. Separated from his owner. It is really cute.
Jun: Yeah.
Rachel: And there's surprise Engrish at the end. [laughs]
Jun: It's cute.
Let´s go..
If you weren't able to get all of the, like, cute Japanese stuff you wanted to buy
before you left,
this is where you should come... because look at this... look, look ...
Jun: Hot Zone.
They have a whole store for this seal! I love this seal. HE'S SO CUTE.
Jun: Shirotan.
Rachel: Oh my god this is so cute!
We don't have enough room in our apartment for a giant seal
but in the future...
[Jun laughs]
Jun: Whoooa, so many Shirotans...
Rachel: Oh my god it's so cute...
What do you think we could use?
Look at the panda-seal.
[Jun laughs]
Rachel: This is like too much. Oh my God. IT'S A BEE-SEAL!
Oh my god!
Jun: I like that one the best.
Look he's a bee.
For like every other anime or whatever
there's this general character shop, Haikara.
So they got pokemon, they got Doraemon.
Over there's Ghibli stuff...
Jun: Oh, yeah. Oh, I see Jiji!
Jun: Rachel...
Rachel: Yeah?
Jun: I want this flower vase so bad.
Rachel: Isn't it really cute?
Jun: It is cute.
Rachel: Dude! Look! It's Darth Vader and a Japanese bridge.
Jun: [voice cracks] What?
Rachel: With wisteria.
Jun: Oh!
Jun: It really is.
Jun: Amazing.
Jun: Wait, he's standing on the "Nihonbashi" isn't he?
Rachel: Look at yoda. He's like a samurai.
Jun: He makes a great samurai, I'm sure.
Jun: This is the first time I've ever seen ema vending machine.
Rachel: An ema vending machine!
Jun: So, ema are like these "wooden plates" like these...
Jun: You normally see these at the shrine and then you write your wishes and then...
Jun: wish for them to come true.
Rachel: Yeah! So if you want to be a creeper you can totally come up here...
Jun: Hey! Don't do that!
Rachel: ...and read other people's wishes.
Rachel: And they're really cute!
Rachel: They look like airport boarding passes ...
Jun: Uh huh?
Rachel: ...and apparently you can write your itinerary on these
Rachel: so that you can wish for having a safe flight.
Jun: And a fun trip. Yeah.
Rachel: We're going to do this now!.
Jun: TA!!
Jun: Oh, hey, actually this is the first time for me to buy ema.
Rachel: Ever?
Yeah, ever!
Rachel: What kind of Japanese person are you? What are you even saying?
I didn't... I'm an atheist
But I trust in Haneda.
Rachel: Okay, okay, what? You weirdo.
Jun: How does it work?
Rachel: Yeah... where did it go?
Jun: They don't come?
Rachel: Where is it? Does it come over here? Cause we have to sign it? No.
Rachel: Where is it?
Jun: Oh, wait!
Jun: Ohhh!
Rachel: Omg it opens. Ok well. We're very smart, you guys.
[Jun laughs]
Rachel: There was a door that opens.
Rachel: So, I'm going to write my wish on this.
Rachel: In America you're not allowed to tell other people what your wish is or it won't come true.
Rachel: So ... [serious voice] you guys don't get to know. Ha ha!
If you come to Haneda airport.
You can look for the Rachel and Jun ema...
[Jun laughs]
...and read what it was.
Jun: Yeah, please come to Haneda airport to just peek on our wishes!
Okay, this is our ema.
Rachel and Jun, and Jun drew a little kitty on it.
Come and find it if you can!
[creepily] Ha ha ha ha ha....
Next to the ema is "Nihonbashi"...
The original "Nihonbashi" was a bridge in Tokyo
during the Edo period that everyone would have to cross
to really travel anywhere else in Japan
so it was, like, the starting point of a journey, hence
why they have "Nihonbashi" here in the airport
as the starting point of your journey.
Jun: All right. Let's go places!
Rachel: So, I guess you can see the bridge from all of the check-in counters ...
Jun: Cool!
Rachel: ... down there.
Jun: Yeah!
Rachel: I don't know why I never thought to look up.
Jun: These are the pictures from edo period.
Rachel: Edo period pictures?
Jun: Yeah.
Rachel: These look like the Japanese version of "Where's Waldo?"
Jun: The sunset is beautiful.
Rachel: Do you think we can finally see Mount Fuji? Apparently you can see Mount Fuji...
...from over here. Somewhere.
Jun: I don't know. Yeah.
Rachel: But it was raining today, so it's kind of cloudy.
Rachel: And I don't know where it's supposed to be.
Jun: Somewhere over there.
[singsong] More cherry blossoms!
Jun: Well, these are also lit up too!
Rachel: And here's the underside of this bridge, and you can, like, sit here and just chill.
Jun: Whoa! I can smell the sakura.
Rachel: It does smell really nice.
Jun: Yeah, it smells real nice. You can actually sit there and enjoy.
So we just finished exploring the fifth floor and now we're down on the fourth floor
to explore the Edo koji street but before that
We have to change into yukata!
[soft music]
Here we are, this is Edo Koji
and the Kanji says "Edo" means "Edo period"
and "Koji" is street.
Jun: So it's literally "Edo-street".
Rachel: And right now because it's spring they have cherry blossoms everywhere!
Jun: It's literally all over the airport.
Rachel: It's beautiful!
They have lamps everywhere, it's so cute.
Jun: It doesn't look like the airport at all.
Rachel: Is this ... is this shabu shabu?
Jun: Yeah, it is shabu shabu.
Rachel: No! So you can get shabu shabu in the airport?
Jun: Yeah.
Rachel: Okay, so one of the things they told us
is that they actually have a lot of really high quality restaurants here.
So if you forget to try all of the japanese food
that you wanted to try during your visit in Japan
you can come look here.
Jun: Mm-hmm.
Even Yoshinoya which is like a fast food chain.
Jun: Beef bowl, yeah.
Beef bowl ...
They have a really special menu here that they only have here
or in like the other nicest Yoshinoya
that's specifically for politicians to use and stuff like that...
Jun: Right.
It's like the fancy one. So you can get the really fancy stuff here
And they even have shabu shabu
which is crazy.
Shabu shabu in an airport!
Jun: That's the cherry trees we saw just earlier.
Rachel: Yes.
Jun: Don't you just wanna do hanami at the airport?
Rachel: I just want to, like, crawl up in between them and lay down and have a picnic.
Doesn't that seem nice?
Jun: We actually got a permission to go inside this.
Rachel: That's where all of our stuff is. Our stuff is on the inside.
Ha ha! We're special!
A pizza?
Jun: Of course.
Rachel: Japanese pizza.
Dude wait is this yakiniku?
Jun: This is yakiniku.
[Jun laughs]
Jun: Your face!
Jun: It's called "Ebisu Champion".
Rachel: They have yakiniku at the airport!
Dude! It's like super high quality.
Jun: And that is the ramen store that's really popular and famous.
Jun: This is the ramen store I really wanted to go so bad.
We wanted to come here for lunch...
...but the line was already an hour long.
Jun: It was insanely long.
There's an hour long wait at a restaurant in the airport.
So that's it for Haneda today.
If you have any extra time while you're here and you want to leave to the airport...
There are trains and buses that connect here so you can easily get pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.
Haneda airport itself is Ota ward, which we're going to be exploring tomorrow.
So we'll be uploading a vlog video on that on our vlogging channel
if you want to see what kind of places they have near the airport.
Anyway, thank you guys for watching and we'll see you later. BYE!


羽田空港で1日遊んでみた。(This is a Japanese airport)

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