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  • Actress, NON.

  • "I AM NON" follows her filmmaking process.

  • And she came to Tono in Iwate to make her film.

  • Why was she drawn to this town?

  • Hello!

  • The connection between NON and Tono is now revealed.

  • [I'll shoot my film here]

  • Do you have any particular area in mind?

  • Tono City. 00:00:35.368 --> 00:00:39.873 line:0% - Tono is good! - Really? [Takuya Tasso, Governor of Iwate]

  • It has the typical Iwate landscape

  • filled with nature, history, and culture.

  • It's my first time in Tono.

  • My hometown is a basin surrounded by mountains

  • and looks similar to this.

  • I remember rice fields just like this.

  • But Tono seems more mysterious.

  • The mountains start to look nice, too.

  • Of course, my hometown is beautiful

  • but it's not mysterious.

  • It soothes my mind and

  • it has that typical countryside feeling.

  • Tono feels magical.

  • When I thought of Tono,

  • "The Legends of Tono" came to mind.

  • So I started to gather any information I could on it.

  • It turns out that the author,

  • Kunio Yanagita, is from Hyogo.

  • When I found out the name of his hometown,

  • I knew it was very close to mine.

  • Something led me here. [The Legends of Tono]

  • It's fate that I came to Tono.

  • So I decided.

Actress, NON.


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