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  • [game sound effects]

  • -It's a-Mario time!

  • I said, a-Mario time.

  • Hello? Are you listening, Daneboe?

  • Daneboe? Hmm.

  • What is that you got there? Some sort of pad

  • for a video game? Where are the buttons?

  • You can't a-make Mario jump without buttons.

  • You need-a buttons. Mario helps.

  • [blipping]

  • Here you go.

  • -Dude, I'm using a touchscreen.

  • You just use your finger on the screen.

  • It's been the standard for like five years.

  • Try and keep up.

  • -Oh, like a DS or a Wii U.

  • -Where did that come from? We don't even have a Wii U.

  • -I don't know.

  • -Well, that's not gonna work with the iPad.

  • Can you just please tone it down?

  • I'm trying to beat this level. -Okay.

  • I a-leave you to play Mario.

  • -I'm not playing Mario. I'm playing Angry Birds.

  • -Super Mario Angry Birds?

  • -Just Angry Birds. -Needs more Mario.

  • -[scoffs] They don't make Mario for iPad.

  • -[upset]: What? No Mario?

  • -Nope. You know, they do make a lot of games without Mario.

  • -That a-make Mario very sad.

  • Mario wakes up in the morning and thinks, okay,

  • I'm gonna jump on this and I'm gonna jump on that

  • and I make the little children happy in every video game.

  • But no more. No more.

  • -[sighs]

  • -Can I a-try the iPad?

  • -Okay. Sure, try it out.

  • Maybe it'll make you feel better.

  • -Oh! [marker squeaking]

  • -Whoa-whoa-whoa, buddy, buddy.

  • Styluses don't really work very well with iPads.

  • -I know. This isn't a stylus. Here you go.

  • -Mario!!

  • -Whoo-hoo!

  • -You better pray that the Genius bar can fix this, Mario.

  • -No Marios here. I'm a-just the couch.

  • -[grumbles]

  • -[gasps loudly] Oh, no way. Mario on an iPad?

  • [swipe!]

  • Ha ha ha ha! This is great!

  • My favorite game! Oh man, I love Mario!

  • -Ooh, Piranha Plant! Fireball, Fireball, Fireball!

  • -(Mario) I told you it needed more Mario.

  • -Hey, what's up, guys?

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[game sound effects]


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