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  • - Fox News is cutting ties with contributor

  • and former representative Trey Gowdy

  • after reports the he's joining

  • President Donald Trump's legal team

  • as outside counsel.

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  • Gowdy was a big hire for Fox News when

  • he joined the network earlier this year as a contributor,

  • leaving his position in Congress as

  • a high profile member of the House of Representatives.

  • But on Wednesday a Fox News spokesperson sent

  • a statement to the Hollywood Reporter

  • that read, "Trey Gowdy has been terminated

  • "and is no longer a contributor."

  • Gowdy will now be helping

  • The President face down an impeachment inquiry

  • as his outside legal counsel.

  • Anchor Melissa Francis announced

  • The President's appointment during

  • a Fox News broadcast and mentioned

  • to viewers that Gowdy was one of the networks contributors.

  • Television networks are known to hire former politicians

  • to provide on air analysis an expertise

  • as contributors but generally cut ties with them

  • if they reenter the political space.

  • It was reported Wednesday morning

  • that Gowdy is expected to appear on TV

  • to advocate on behalf of The President.

  • For more on this story head

  • to and until next time,

  • for The Hollywood Reporter News

  • I'm Neha Joy.

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- Fox News is cutting ties with contributor


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トランプ氏のチームに法律顧問として参加したフォックス・ニュースは、トレイ・ゴウディ氏との関係を断ち切る|THRニュース (Fox News Cuts Ties With Trey Gowdy After Joining Trump's Team as Legal Counsel | THR News)

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