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  • - [Narrator] Americans, we love ice cream.

  • Each person eats about 24 quarts of it per year.

  • And that's for one big reason.

  • It tastes amazing.

  • But, someone had to teach Ben and Jerry's how to do it.

  • Turns out, that guy, he works at Penn State.

  • This is Dr. Bob Roberts--

  • Hold on.

  • Okay, this is Dr. Bob Roberts.

  • He teaches ice cream courses at Penn State.

  • - I do.

  • I have two courses.

  • Ice Cream Short Course and Ice Cream 101.

  • - [Narrator] Side note, these are the type of books

  • ice cream professors read.

  • Okay, back to the story.

  • - [Dr. Roberts] Part of the reason that

  • ice cream is so good in the U.S.

  • is that we've been teaching ice cream for 125 years.

  • - [Narrator] And Bob, he's been teaching at Penn State

  • for 25 of those.

  • And he's had some pretty famous students.

  • - Companies like Unilever, Nestle, Breyer's,

  • Ben and Jerry's, um, you name the company,

  • they've sent people here.

  • - [Narrator] That's because the Penn State creamery

  • is on the forefront of ice cream technology.

  • - [Dr. Roberts] Ice cream is a formulated food.

  • There is no naturally occurring ice cream.

  • You have to put the ingredients together

  • and process it to make ice cream.

  • - [Narrator] Bob and his department,

  • they spend their time figuring out

  • how to make ice cream even better.

  • - When we look at studying ice cream,

  • we study ice cream from cow to the cone.

  • So we look at what happens on the farm,

  • what happens with the milk.

  • - [Narrator] Wait, there's a farm?

  • - [Dr. Roberts] We have a herd of about 250 or so

  • milking Holsteins and yes they are on campus.

  • (cow mooing)

  • - [Narrator] So yeah, he knows ice cream.

  • But he says that he's not an ice cream purist.

  • - I'm not sure what an ice cream purist is.

  • But I wouldn't eat frozen yogurt

  • if I had the opportunity to eat ice cream.

  • (laughing)

  • - [Narrator] Yeah, well, that does make sense

  • considering he is the authority on ice cream.

  • Bob, what's your favorite flavor?

  • - Hmm, dulce de Leche.

  • - [Narrator] Ooh, yeah.

  • (light string music)

- [Narrator] Americans, we love ice cream.


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このクラスではアイスクリームを食べる (In This Class You Eat Ice Cream)

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