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  • What if I said time is just an illusion? Does that sound crazy to you?


  • Sure, we experience the effects of time - we witness the sun rising and setting, the seasons changing, and the signs of aging.


  • But do we ever really know what time itself is?


  • Albert Einstein said, "The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”


  • The past and the future are nothing but projections in our minds. Really, the only moment that exists is NOW- the eternal present moment.


  • Think about it: There is never a time when you are living in anything other than "this current moment.”

    永遠に続く、現在という瞬間考えてみて。”今この瞬間” 以外にあなたが生きている時間はないの。

  • Once we understand this, we can start to see time as a tool, and not let the concepts of past and future affect our current state of mind.

    これが理解できたら、 時間をツールとして見ることができて、過去と未来という概念に心が動かされなくてすむの。

  • This is the distinction between living with psychological time versus clock time.


  • Psychological time is the time that we experience in our minds, as memories of our past and projections for our future.


  • If we're not aware of it, we can get stuck living in psychological time.

    もしこれに気付けなければ、私たちは心理的な 時間の中から抜け出せなくなるの。

  • Living in the past creates feelings of guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, and bitterness... which are all forms of non forgiveness.

    過去に生きることで、罪悪感や後悔、怒り、不満、 悲しみや苦しみがうまれてしまう。そしてこの全ての感情は、さらに ”許せない”という気持ちを形づくるの。

  • Living in the future creates feelings of unease, anxiety, tension, stress, and worry, which are all forms of fear.

    未来に生きることは、不安、心配、緊張、 ストレス、気がかりを生んで、またそれが恐怖を作り出す。

  • I used to be so anxious about the future. I just wanted it to come sooner.


  • When you're in that state, you dismiss the present moment because you think the future will bring you more happiness.


  • You just want to get to the end already, so you miss everything that's happening right now.


  • Clock time is the time that flows through every moment- it holds no emotional charge - it's just a tool that we can use for practical purposes.


  • Being practical with your time means living fully in the now, and utilizing clock time as a tool to create the life that you want.


  • You can be practical with your time by making appointments, planning ahead, setting goals and working towards them, or learning from the past so that you don't repeat the same mistakes over and over.

    予定を作ったり立てたり、目標を立てたり それに向かって頑張ったり、失敗を何度も何度もくりかえさないように過去から学んだりすることで、時間に現実的になれる。

  • The key here is to be aware of where you want to go, but honor and give your fullest attention to the step that you are taking at this moment.


  • Realize that all actions can only be taken NOW.


  • Any planning or working toward a goal is done NOW.


  • Any lesson you've learned from the past can only be applied NOW.


  • So, how do you live with less stress, worry, fear, and negativity?

    さあ、あなたはどうやってストレスや心配、 恐怖やネガティブなことを減らしていく?

  • Just relax, and handle the present moment that's right in front of you. Be practical with your time.

    リラックスして、 そして今目の前にある時間を操縦するの。自分の時間に現実的になる。

  • Use it as a tool to get things done. Don't get stuck in your head, dwelling on the past or the future.


  • Because the moment before you is calling.

    目の前にある”時間”が あなたを呼んでるんだから。

What if I said time is just an illusion? Does that sound crazy to you?


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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