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Hey Guys, my name is Tucker Bowe, staff writer at Gear Patrol, talking AirPods, AirPods Pro, just announced yesterday.
Here are five cool things you need to know.
No, not me.
This isn't a new phone.
So first things you need to know about the AirPods Pro: they came out today, they cost $249.
They're essentially the upgraded version of the AirPods, and yeah, you can pre-order right now.
And they'll expecting to ship October 30th.
So second thing: when I say upgraded versions of these guys, they're upgraded for a couple different ways.
First off, they have new modes that are active noise-canceling earbuds, same as like Sony's WF-1000-XM-Three's.
So these have active noise-cancellation and transparency modes.
And what you do is you just go in the Control Center, just like you would with your normal AirPods, but there's new mode. You can turn Active Noise-Canceling on or off.
And, or you can switch to transparency mode.
So, number three: these are actually water, splash, sweat resistant.
So you can actually run with them.
And they actually have the same sweat and water resistance rating as the Powerbeats Pro, which are you know, the Apple and Beats wireless running headphones.
Normal AirPods, although you know a ton of people run in these things, Apple has never released, you know specs or ratings within terms of like water and sweat resistance.
So you probably shouldn't run with them.
You can because a ton of people do, but if you wanna run with AirPods, these are what you want.
Four: so you'll notice right away that these won't fit like normal AirPods.
They have a silicone ear tip, and they're supposed to go in your ear canal, so they're snugger fit.
But Apple has actually integrated a technology called Adaptive EQ.
And you put these on, you fit them with the stock silicone tip, and then you run a test within the Settings of your AirPods, and it'll actually tell you if it's a good or not a good fit.
And if it's not, you can readjust them, run it again, and if it's still not a good fit, you can swap them out for the small or the larger ear tips.
But it's actually pretty neat because you know, I don't think any other wireless earbud has ever like had this technology where it actually tells you if it's fitting well.
And five: these earbuds look and feel differently.
If you notice, shorter stem, longer stem.
These are the AirPods, these are the AirPods Pro.
Also the case: they look very similar.
They're very similarly sized. This is actually more horizontal.
But they're both still very pocket-able.
So they're essentially, very, very similar and they can both be your everyday earbuds.
It's actually pretty interesting to me because essentially you have noise-canceling earbuds that are sweat-resistant and that sound better than AirPods, so they're an elevated version of AirPods in every way.
But still at basically $100 more, are most people gonna care that much about better sound quality, noise-cancellation, and sweat resistance?
If you're normally running with your AirPods and you love them, but you're kind of like afraid that they're gonna kind of shake out, then AirPods Pro are great.
If you want noise-cancellation, AirPods Pro are great.
If you want better sound; if you wanna actually hear the bass in you wireless earbuds; this is what you want.
AirPods are still great. They're probably gonna still be the best-selling wireless earbuds.
The Pros: little bit better in every single way; little bit more expensive.
And if you wanna spend that extra money, you know go for it. If not, these are still great.



[英語で聞いてみよう] Apple の AirPods Pro を検証して5つのポイントをご紹介 (Apple AirPods Pro First Look | Five Things to Know)

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