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Hi everybody, this is Kanoa. Welcome back to Gaijin Bank's Channel.
Today we'll be talking about different envelopes and when to use them and whatever the knot means.
So there are two different types of ways to tie your bow, and they both mean different things.
The first one is the bow knot, which means it could be retied many times, indicating that it's for happy things like celebrating birthdays, New Years, and celebrations like those, very symbolic.
Number two is called musubikiri, which it's kind of like it goes upwards, like the end of the bow goes up.
Those are for celebrations that only happen once in life, so marriages hopefully, and also death.
If it's a sad celebration then the bow is usually black.
And also the money that goes inside and the way it's arranged also has a meaning, so even numbers usually are considered bad luck because they could be divided in half.
So instead of two, six, eight you want to give like three, five, seven and so forth.
If it's happy then the money should be facing frontwards, and if it's sad then the money you should be facing backwards.
And that was just a quick video on what it means, envelopes, money, stuff like that.
Very important to know, I actually learned a lot from this quick video.
I hope you learned too, and I'll see in our next video.



[英語で聞いてみよう] 祝儀袋のいろいろ (Different Types of (Shugi Bukuro) Envelopes in Japan)

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