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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 171. The verb phrase today is pay

  • off. Okay. We have four meanings and uses of pay off today. All right. So let's take a

  • look at the first one here. The first one is to produce a profit or some significant

  • benefit. All right. So we have two examples of this one. Someone might say my

  • investment in that stock really paid off. I tripled my money. So whatever you put

  • into it... let's say he put like $2,000 into it. If he tripled his money.

  • Maybe he got six thousand in return. So he tripled his money. It paid off well

  • for him. Number three. All the extra studying and preparation I did for the

  • test paid off well. I got a score of 98. Now, of course this is not an investment in

  • money. But it is a... it is, it is a significant benefit. You put in a lot of

  • work and your work paid off. So it brought you a benefit. You are able to

  • get a high score on the test. Okay. Number two here. To pay the full amount of

  • something that is owed. Like you , you could pay off a bill . We hear that all

  • the time. Okay. So it took me 10 years to pay off my school loan.

  • Yeah. We'll especially use it for something that took a long time to pay

  • off. Like for example if you just go to the restaurant and you eat food, we would

  • probably just say you pay the bill. Not pay off the bill. But if

  • it's if it's like a loan or something that takes a while to pay, then we often

  • say to pay off. Something that you probably had to pay in installments or

  • you had to pay for a while. You know, maybe pay off your mortgage or something

  • like that. So let's continue. We got the second one here. He got in such serious

  • credit card debt, he was unable to pay it off. He had to declare bankruptcy. So you

  • could use it that way too. All right. Number three here. To pay the wages that are due

  • to an employee after being fired. So here's the example. The boss fired him

  • paid off the last of his wages and told him never to return to the premises

  • again. So this would be a case probably where he got really angry, fired him. Said

  • here, here's the last of his money. I never want to see your face again or something

  • like that. Get out of here. So he just paid him off, so that he wouldn't have to

  • see him again or he wouldn't have any excuse or reason to return. Okay. Or

  • number four here. To bribe someone. Yeah. We use it a lot this way. You pay

  • somebody off, you bribe someone. So let's look at the first one here. It was

  • discovered that this Olympic judge was paid off to favor a particular

  • country's athletes. Yeah. Remember a number of years ago there was a case

  • where I think it was ice skaters. I forget the countries , but I remember that

  • the one that won the gold medal actually was a girl that fell and normally if you

  • fall on the ice you can't win. You, you can usually get no medal and they still

  • got the gold. So that's when they did an investigation. That's when they found out.

  • A lot of times if the Olympic judges are paid off, it's really hard to find that

  • out or figure that out. But if it is something like a case like this, maybe they might

  • investigate enough to check it out. Otherwise it's really hard to prove. All

  • right. Let's look at the second one here. That politician was paid off to

  • vote against this bill. He received large campaign donations to

  • buy his vote. So it was kind of an indirect bribe. But it was still a bribe

  • nonetheless. Maybe they donated a lot of money to his campaign and maybe even

  • promised to do more if he would vote you know either for or against something. So

  • that's a way of bribing politicians. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I

  • hope it was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 171. The verb phrase today is pay


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