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Everybody in education right now are talking about student well-being.
PISA is leading that discussion globally.
They highlighted anxiety and bullying
one of the main threads to student well being.
Being aware of your own emotions and learning how to control them,
it's very important to start learning about that in early age.
The kids need tools in order to learn this social-emotional skills
that's what we need to learn at school.
What PISA highlighted as the best solution to tackle anxiety and bullying was to create
a safe and encouraging learning environment for schools.
What is the best way to do that?
Well, supporting teacher and positive peer relations.
It's interesting to see what your friend has seen in you.
They write sometimes I'm nice and I'm funny.
I give feedback to my friends that they are funny or creative in class.
Mightifier is a positive peer communication tool with measurable impact for classrooms
mainly for primary schools right now.
They get more feedback that I could personally give it to them
they get that from the other pupils.
I find that the kids also learn great things about themselves
when using Mightifier in class
their self-esteem benefits from using this because they will notice these qualities
in themselves that the others might seen in them.
Everybody is giving others good feedback.
Some of my classmates give the feedback to me, and then it helps me know what they actually
think about me, and it makes me feel good
because you can only give good feedback.
My favorite result what children tell me after using Mightifier is that
they feel they have more friends in the class.
You get friends there because you send nice stuff.
Because everyone likes the app then they concentrate on the app when we are playing the game.
They think about the game, they concentrate a lot better.
Learning how to work with people also that are not your best friends,
but work with all kinds of people
That's very important skill to learn early on already now.


フィンランドの学校はどうやって対人関係スキルを育てるのか?( How Finnish Schools Develop Social Emotional Skills? )

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