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Hello there, and welcome.
You know, we hear patience is a virtue.
I suppose it probably is.
But I think patience, real patience, is an expression of deep understanding.
You see, everything happens when it's supposed to happen.
Everything in this universe happens by law.
We set targets, and we need things to happen.
We need something to come or someone to do something.
And frequently we get frustrated because it isn't happening when we think it should happen.
Our problem is we're not thinking.
We believe we're in charge.
We are not in charge.
We are in charge of building the idea and holding the idea.
Everything else happens automatic.
It happens by law.
All ideas have a gestation or an incubation period.
I am told, when we plant a carrot in the area of the world that I live, it takes approximately 70 days for that carrot to grow, and manifest in form.
When the seed for the baby is planted, it takes approximately 280 days.
And we're usually patient, we will wait the 280 days.
Because we know it's going to take approximately 280 days.
Well, just because we don't know how long it's going to take doesn't mean that it isn't operating by the same laws.
Everything operates by law.
So, if we gain an understanding that all of the ideas in our mind will ultimately move into form - that's what Andrew Carnegie taught Napoleon Hill.
Carnegie was Hill's mentor.
He said, "Any idea that's held in the mind, that's emphasized, that's either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available."
You might want to listen to that two or three times.
Burn it into your mind.
Gain an understanding of it.
And you will know that whatever you're working on, takes a period of time.
No one knows what the gestation period is for an idea.
We only know we can shorten it through concentration, through focus.
And when you understand that, you will become more patient.
And when you're more patient, you're living in a much more beautiful vibration.
You'll be a more pleasant person to be around.
You will enjoy yourself more.
Patience is the result of understanding.



より忍耐強くなるには -ボブ・プロクター (Become More Patient - Bob Proctor)

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