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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Prepositional Phrase seven. The prepositional

  • phrase today is " without a hitch." Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If

  • something happens or goes off without a hitch,

  • it means everything went smoothly without any problems at all or at least

  • no major problems The hitches probably refers to like delays or disruptions or

  • probably some small problems etc. in a process. Let's continue. The , the

  • origin of hitch means a small problem probably from another meaning of hitch

  • meaning a snag as in a small damaged part of some clothing or some material.

  • Yeah. An area of clothing rope or material that could be damaged by something rough

  • or sharp. So especially in the olden days you know, as you're going by something

  • may be something and a nail or something pointy was sticking out. It could slightly

  • hit your your pants or some other part of your clothing and cause just a little

  • hole or a small problem. So that would be ... So hitch really referred to snag at one

  • time. Which would is not the most serious problem, but just a small problem. Okay.

  • Let's continue. All right . Thus the phrase without a

  • hitch usually refers to no problems at all. Not even a small one. So not even in

  • itself. If it's not a hitch... if it's not the small problem than it's really no

  • problem at all. The phrase has been popular since the 1400s. Okay good.

  • And let's just give three examples here. Example number one. The business deal

  • went off without a hitch. So everything went smoothly. They didn't change their

  • mind. There were no delays. They didn't want to

  • renegotiate. So everything just went smoothly.

  • Number two. Luckily all our plans and arrangements for the trip

  • went smoothly. Everything went off without a hitch. So again nothing, nothing

  • stopping you. Nothing went wrong. And number three is an a/b part. Somebody, A

  • might simply ask how did it go ? And B said it went smoothly or it went fine without

  • a hitch. No problem at all. Okay anyway. That's the

  • way we use it. I hope you got it. I hope it was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-

  • bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Prepositional Phrase seven. The prepositional


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英語の家庭教師Nick P 前置詞句 (7) Without a Hitch (English Tutor Nick P Prepositional Phrase (7) Without a Hitch)

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