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  • What is Learning Management System (LMS software)?

  • Are you a teacher, who wishes that it didn't take you days or weeks to manually grade all

  • of your student test papers? Or are you a training manager, who wishes to reduce high

  • travel costs or administration and scheduling problems associated with corporate training.

  • Choosing a Learning Management System, popularly called LMS software, can solve your problems.

  • So what is an LMS, exactly?

  • LMS is a software application which allows instructors to create online courses, and

  • training courses. Along with creating, managing and delivering e-courses to their learners,

  • instructors can also track the progress of their learners by accessing detailed reports

  • and statistics that LMS software provides.

  • Another important aspect of a Learning Management System is that it provides learners online

  • classrooms where they can interact and learn in an interactive environment. To create such

  • an environment, LMS allows instructors to upload all their courses and training materials

  • such as videos, presentations, PDFs or even live web content such as wikis and blogs to

  • a central location i.e. the online classroom. This facilitates anywhere, anytime learning

  • as learners can easily access the materials by logging on to the online classrooms from

  • any device with Internet access. In addition to this, learners can access these classrooms

  • anytime even after they have finished taking the courses, ensuring uniformity and continuity

  • in learning & training.

  • LMS software has a number of features to help instructors manage their learners better.They

  • can organize learners into groups or classes to centralize reporting & assignment of courses

  • or quizzes. With advanced reports and statistics, tracking the progress of large groups or individual

  • learners is also easy. In addition to this, instructors save valuable time spent in grading

  • assessments and calculating the results, as the Learning Management System automates grading

  • of hundreds of test papers & enable students to instantly see their results.

  • Above all, a Learning Management System saves teachers a lot of time and money as it automates

  • grading & reduced paperwork, while at the same time companies save on travel and lodging

  • expenses because they can easily create training programs and reuse the programs to train multiple

  • batches of employees.

What is Learning Management System (LMS software)?


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学習管理システムとは何ですか? LMSソフトウェア (What is a learning management system ? LMS Software)

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