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So recently, I was agonizing over a crush.
He hasn't texted me in a week.
But his Venmo transaction history seems to indicate that he's really busy eating pizza with his friends.
And a friend of mine who clearly took pity on the pathetic rationalizations she was witnessing sat me down and said...
You know, my mom had the best piece of dating advice about how to tell if someone likes you or not.
Yeah? Is it in his Venmo transaction history?
How often he initiates texts?
I made a chart.
No, If they like you, you'll know.
And if they don't, you'll be confused.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
There you have it!
It's that easy.
That's how easy it is.
I don't need to give you a three minutes video for this shit.
The average person opens Instagram 150 times a day.
So guess what?
Even though we like to tell ourselves that they're busy, or they're shy, or they're intimidated.
Stop making excuses.
It's simple. Really it's simple.
If you're upfront with your interest and who you are, and they aren't reciprocating, they are not your person!
Move on!
There's a billion other fish in the sea, but there's also a lot of trash.
Oh, there's a lot of trash.
And you're going to be out there cleaning up the beach, looking for one solid shiny fish to bring home.
But you're wading through water bottles and plastic bags and mixed signals.
So if you're not getting a green light, go!
Go off!
Like I am now.
Also, I'm doing my first headline show on July 24th at the Moroccan Lounge in downtown LA.
If you're interested, tickets are in the description below as well as a VIP upgrade package that comes with a meet-and-greet, early show and sound check access, and a merch item.
Hope to see you there.
But finally, thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring today's wisdom.
Squarespace has award-winning templates and all-in-one platforms, so there's no installs, patches, or double texts ever.
And if you don't have a domain, Squarespace offers a simple and straight-up set up experience.
Plus they have twenty-four-hour customer service so they're not gonna leave you on read.
Go to squarespace.com/Anna to start your free trial today.
And use the offer code "Anna" at checkout for 10% off.
Good luck, with the trash.



悩むあなたへ!恋愛のベストアドバイス (The best piece of dating advice)

3972 タグ追加 保存
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