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What animal are you?
I'm a lizard kinda thing, I'm an iguana.
You are one weird iguana.
Hi, my name's Crystal.
What's your name?
My name is Vicki.
I really like your outfit, what is it?
It's like a little stage, isn't it?
Mm hmm.
Do you have any guesses of what I do?
Looking at the box and that, I was thinking a ventriloquist?
How do you know about ventriloquism?
Well I watched America Got Talent, and I'm actually practicing it.
Are you?
Do you have a figure that you use?
Uh huh.
So good.
What's in that box?
You know what, this is my very first dummy ever.
Well, hello there.
How are you doing?
How does the puppet work?
He's got this right here, this hole.
My thumb goes right here.
- To make him open his mouth?
Uh huh.
Did you bring any other puppets?
I sure did.
Did you want to meet 'em?
Yes, please.
Open your eyes.
Can you tell me some tips for talking with my mouth shut?
Bite down on the back of your teeth, like this.
And then close your mouth like this a little bit, right there.
And then the easy thing to do is find a voice like, hello!
How you doin'?
Crystal, will you look over here and try?
How did you know you wanted to be a ventriloquist?
It fell on my lap.
I didn't start until I was 30 years old.
And look at you!
How old are you?
You already know what you wanna do, huh?
Mm hmm.
That's excellent.
Do you want to be a professional ventriloquist?
You betcha!
Does your hand or mouth ever get tired?
My mouth doesn't get tired, but my hand gets tired sometimes.
Does the puppet ever get tired?
No, I never do.
Really, then why are you sitting on a pillow and not jumping?
Because I'm the queen.
Where's your crown?
It's getting polished, ha!
How often do you practice?
Every week.
I practice every day.
Well, you should, and you're amazing for it.
You wanna meet some more?
How you doin' Crystal?
My name is Lucky.
What animal are you?
I'm a lizard kinda thing.
I'm an iguana.
You are one weird iguana.
Do you have any advice for me?
The best thing is being very comfortable on stage, and it seems like you are.
Have you written a script yet?
I have a monologue.
That's great.
- Practice in front of a mirror so that you make sure... - I do.
Yep, so see, you're doing everything right.
Thank you, Vicki for teaching me more tips about ventriloquism.
- Yeah, well you're awesome, and I expect to see you out there Crystal 'cause you were really good. - Thank you.
Bye, Crystal.
Thanks for watching Kids Meet a Ventriloquist.
If you wanna learn more about Vicki, please check the description box below.
See ya later.
Bye, everybody.
See ya.



クリスタルちゃんが腹話術師と対面 (Kids Meet A Ventriloquist (Crystal) | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids)

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