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  • A company like Pixar really needs no introduction. For almost 25 years they've been making not just some of the best animated movies

  • but some of the best movies in general they've given us characters that resonate on nearly every level whether

  • emotionally or intellectually and

  • Even looking back now with the 29 year old adult I can still feel a sense of wonder and mystery about the world that we

  • All had when we were kids . This is what made pixar movies so magical. Watching the original toy story as a kid

  • I enjoyed it because you know it was about a kid who played with toys

  • [and] know what happens when you're not around

  • [I] mean every kid who watches toy story goes home and tries to catch their toys moving when they think the coast is clear [at]

  • My age now toy story is more of an allegory for the life

  • I left behind the world I can never go back

  • [I] used to relate to Andy the little kid who lost his favorite toys

  • But now I see myself as the adult who gave up on Jessie. Lots of what makes pixar movie stand out from pretty much

  • everything else and how you can watch them at really any point in your life

  • And it's almost like you see a different movie. The multi-layered complex characters

  • and story are what propelled these movies from just good movies into timeless classics, so

  • What happened recently we've had cars, cars 2, brave, the good dinosaur and now cars three

  • movies that are soulless and lifeless with

  • one-dimensional characters and the Cookie cutter stories that the old

  • Pixar would have never had the audacity to tell I mean looking on the internet. It's obvious

  • I'm not the only one who feels this way

  • But what exactly made the old pixar so good and this new pixar so bland? Well to illustrate my point

  • let's take a quick look at toy story. What happens when you go to school and leave your toys by themselves?

  • That's the main plot certainly interesting in its own, right?

  • But that's just the tip of the iceberg you see in toy story the fact that their toys isn't just some style choice to appeal

  • To kids or whatever the fact that these characters are toys drives the entire story

  • There are humans and animals in this world as well

  • So we get to see how these toys interact with the world around them. The story could only work with toys

  • being toys in fact

  • it's because they're toys that the story has the emotional impact it does. You see firsthand how the toys are affected by the actions of

  • people. The scene where we learned Jesse's Backstory in toy story 2 is immediately relatable to anyone. We've all had that friend or

  • [girlfriend-boyfriend] or someone who loved us until one day

  • they just didn't anymore. We've all been through [it]. Now compare this to the cars franchise right from the beginning,

  • [there's] no people in this world just cars.

  • But everything else in the world is exactly the same. Lightning mcQueen is a fish out of water who undergoes exactly zero character development.

  • He's the same person at the beginning of the movie as he is at the end

  • Which is completely insufferable and kind of obnoxious the fact that they are cars means absolutely nothing to the story

  • They could have just as easily been people driving cars or people riding horses playing chess

  • None of the world-building means anything in these movies. This is even more true [in] cars [-] which unsurprisingly is Pixars

  • lowest reviewed movie ever this trend continues in Pixar's recent the good dinosaur

  • Well the movie is no doubt pixar's [best-looking] movie sort of it also has I think the least interesting story

  • first of all in a world as hyper realistic as the one in good dinosaur

  • why do the actual dinosaurs themselves look like they were drawn by a five-year-old on [bath] [salts], but that aside the story is just

  • Incoherent it's bland again

  • We have this world that's only comprised of dinosaurs or rather we have just one random family of dinosaurs

  • And how they do completely human things for really no particular reason just like with cars the fact that the movie is about

  • Dinosaurs means nothing it's not about what the modern world would look like if dinosaurs didn't go extinct

  • it's just what if this random hillbilly family looked like dinosaurs for some reason this movie could have been done with anything else or

  • Anyone Else and it would have been the exact same movie now along with the same idea [you] have brave

  • To be fair brave is not really a bad movie

  • It's cute and fun and all that but it's not pixar really. It's kind of the beta version of frozen in a way

  • I mean how [many] movies have you seen about a spunky?

  • Hot-headed princess who doesn't quite fit in and dreams of a bigger life or whatever? It's rope it's cookie cutter filler

  • That's not bad

  • but it's really not particularly good either now compare this to my personal favorite pixar movie "up" right from the beginning the

  • Notorious first 10 minutes the movie grabs you and never lets go you learn right away

  • Why this crotchety old man is the way he is we understand that behind this scowl

  • There's just a little boy who wants to go on an adventure?

  • The relationship between carl and Russell is equally as heartbreaking as it is uplifting

  • Russell represents the boy that carl could never be and also the son he could never have the duality of the story the multi-layered

  • Relationships between the characters [makes] a story that is certainly fun and entertaining for kids

  • I mean you know the idea of an old man flying into the air with balloons

  • That's pretty [hilarious]

  • But watching it as an adult you see your own life in some way or another

  • In Carl. how many of us have given up on a dream or let fires die that maybe we should have stoked just a little bit

  • More how many times do we look back and think oh?

  • I wish I could have done this or I should have done that this is the big difference [between] the old

  • Pixar and the new one pixar movies used to be timeless and movies like inside-out have proven that there's still some magic left

  • But over the last several years we've just been getting regular straight kids movies, no multi-layered stories

  • No emotional journey that parallels our own lives no moments that make you stop and think and reevaluate yourself nothing now

  • I hate to be overly cynical but it really does feel [like] just some quick cash grabs

  • Pixar is famous for their 23 rules of storytelling, but I guess they just forgot them or something

  • but that being said

  • Whatever path pixar ultimately decides to take will always have the toy stories the ups the [Wally's] the movies that you [can] go back [to]

  • At any age and experience a time when the pixar name really meant something

A company like Pixar really needs no introduction. For almost 25 years they've been making not just some of the best animated movies


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