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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 74. The word origin today is

  • jackpot. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. The word jackpot is used to

  • mean a large amount of money won from a slot machine. So we always see it if you

  • went to a casino you know, you if you win one of the really big ones. They go ding

  • ding , ding. You could win a jackpot there. Or the

  • lottery. The lottery definitely uses the word for jackpot, for the big prize , the number

  • one prize. It is also used to mean a large amount of money in a card game or

  • other involving money, especially the number one prize. It can also refer to

  • any other big success or reward. So the meaning kind of stretched into other

  • areas too. Even if it's not gambling. All right. Let's continue. The origin of the

  • word jackpot comes directly from poker. Okay. Remember there is a picture card of

  • a male that is not the king and has a J on it. This is a jack. All right. So if you ever

  • played poker you know that there are three picture cards. There's the one with

  • the younger looking man and has a J on it. He's a jack. Technically I think he's

  • supposed to be a prince and then there is a female picture card with a Q on it.

  • She's the queen and the older looking guy with the K on it, he is supposed to

  • be the king. So those are the picture cards. Yeah. From the playing cards. Okay.

  • Let's continue. Okay. While playing poker all the players must put their money

  • into the center of the table called the pot. So here's where the word pot comes

  • in. One type of poker is called draw poker. Yeah. I've played poker before with

  • draw poker , usually each player is dealt five cards and you know, you look at your

  • cards and I think you can keep like ... you want to keep two of your best cards and

  • usually return three cards . I think there's a rule if you have an ace in

  • your hand you actually get four cards too. Okay. Let's

  • continue. Okay. Sometimes it is played in a way that at

  • least one player must have a hand with the value of a pair of jacks or better

  • to open that hand. Okay. So what does that mean. So that means that of all the

  • players and you're holding your cards you must have at least a pair of jacks.

  • So you can have higher you can have a pair of Queens or a pair kings or aces.

  • That would be okay or something like a straight or anything that's a higher value

  • than a pair of jacks. One of the main reasons they do this sometimes is it

  • helps to build up a pot. Because sometimes you might deal the cards out

  • three or four times and maybe nobody has jacks or better and each time you must

  • put in another bet. So if it happens a number of times, it;s a little bit like the

  • lottery. You know if nobody wins the lottery the next week. The lottery is

  • higher , so that's what happens. That's why they sometimes play that way. All right.

  • Let's continue here. So if no player has a hand of this value, the cards must be

  • returned. So you give them back. Reshuffle. They have to shuffle the deck again and

  • redealt until a player has a hand of at least this value of jacks or better. This

  • is where the term comes from. It was originally called a jackpot because a

  • pair of jacks was required to open the pot. Yeah. You know I played poker many

  • many times and I never really put this together. You know , when you hear the

  • word jackpot you always think why is it called the jackpot ? Why not a John pot? Or

  • a Tom pot ? You know, I didn't actually think that it came from the card. The the,

  • the playing card, the jack. So that's where it actually comes from. Anyway, I

  • hope you ... I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you thought it was informative and if

  • you've ever wondered now you know. Okay anyway, so long, bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 74. The word origin today is


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