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  • Hi, everyone!


  • Think of "tell" and you think of speaking, but "tell" doesn't always mean "tell."

    "tell" と聞いたら、「話す」という意味を思い浮かべるでしょう。でも、"tell" は、いつも「話す」という意味を表すわけではありません。

  • Let me tell you why.

    そのわけを "tell(お話し)" しましょう。

  • OK, that time I meant speaking.


  • Not only does the verb 'tell' mean "say something to someone," it also has a meaning similar to "know", "recognize", "understand", or "perceive."

    動詞の "tell" は、「誰かに何かを言う」という意味だけでなく、「知っている」「認識する」「理解する」「気づく」のような意味を持っています。

  • We often use it in combination with the verb "can" to make "can tell" for the present and "could tell" for the past.

    よく、助動詞の "can" と一緒に用いられ、現在形では "can tell" 、過去形では "could tell" となります。

  • I can tell he's from France.


  • He has an accent!


  • Or we could tell it was going to rain because of the clouds.


  • We often use it to talk about differences.


  • Then, we might use the negative or the question.


  • Can you tell the difference between this cup and that cup?


  • I can't tell the difference between this cup and that cup.


  • We often use "can tell" with the pronoun "you" to talk about something that many people should find obvious.

    また、"can tell" は代名詞の "you" と一緒に、多くの人が明らかだと思っていることについて話す時によく使います。

  • You can tell he's an English teacher.


  • He knows all the answers.


Hi, everyone!


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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