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These are the sites you often see of Tokyo
There is one thing you just can't miss if you want to see the real Tokyo
Meeting the people.
Come visit us when you come to Japan
We want to welcome you to our homes
Meet our friends and family
and share our lives with you
Experience Tokyo like a local
See you in Tokyo!
If I was traveling somewhere I would definitely want to learn how the locals live.
Your travel destination will become more than just a location
but a memory where you had a nice time with a friend.
Because of this I want those visiting Tokyo to enjoy Tokyo as I do as a local.
I do love traveling.
I felt it would be interesting to talk about traveling with visitors coming to my home from all around the world.
It is easy to have a great time especially when you are having a conversation over food.
I truly hope visitors will enjoy my home cooking.
It's always interesting to see when guests are surprised that our restroom and bathroom are separate,
or that we have storage space under our floors.
It's a great opportunity for us to learn about other cultures of course
but also to learn more about ourselves too through conversation.
We've had past guests visit us again when they came back to Japan,
and we've also met others in their home country when we went to visit.
We always hope to become friends with you.
Everyone in our family wants our guests to see the inside of Japan not shown in guidebooks.
We want to talk about lands and culture, guest and us, each other.
It is very fun and we think time is running so fast.
We live 50 mins by train from Tokyo Station.
Our home is an old farm house,
you can see various aspects of a traditional Japanese home
like a Buddhist and Shinto altar, and tatami floors.
If you love rice, we would love you to taste our home grown rice,
our mother's homemade tempura, and our next door neighbor's famous Japanese-style potato salad
Not just our family but even our neighbors all hope you enjoy your time in Japan.
You'll get to see our apartment's automated parking garage,
tatami mat floors, where we keep our futons and such.
The experience may be small but very rich and full of various aspects of the real Japan.
We hope to keep in touch with all our guests.
Remember you are always welcome in Tokyo!


リアルな東京を体験するためには! (This is how to experience the real Tokyo (English and Japanese subtitles))

495 タグ追加 保存
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