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Hi, everyone. This is Katie. 嗨 大家好 我是Katie
I'm now here in Danei District. 我現在在大內
Danei has a wide open view. 大內的視野非常寬廣
There is a beautiful farm 有漂亮的農場
and the special Moon World terrain. 特殊的月世界
In addition, there is a place for stargazing, 也有適合觀星的地方
with a fantastic wide open view. 視野非常開闊
Follow me and let's take a tour around Danei! 走跟我去逛一逛大內吧!
The architecture is very special. 這裡的建築很特別
This place is the highest point in the area, 也是這附近最高的點
and it's a place for a great skyline view at night 很適合看夜景
as well as stargazing. 也很適合觀星喔!
This is Tainan Astronomical Education Area. 這裡就是南瀛天文館
I can't wait to check it out! 我迫不及待想要進去逛一逛囉
This is Mr. Chung. Mr. Chung, can you show us around? 這位是鍾組長 組長可以幫我們導覽這裡嗎
Of course! Let me show you around. 當然沒問題啊 我帶你去逛一逛
There are three exhibition halls in Tainan Astronomical Education Area: 南瀛天文館有三個大館
the observatory, 天文觀測館
the astronomy exhibition hall, 天文展示館
and the planetarium. 星象館
Danei has a wide open view and little light pollution, 大內區視野遼闊 光害少
so you can see a starry night sky here. 這裡可以看到滿天星斗
You can even see the milky way clearly. 也清楚可見銀河
In addition to stargazing, 這裡除了觀星象之外
if you face towards the Zengwun River, you can see river terraces, 望向曾文溪還可以清楚看見河階地形
and it's a great view to be enjoyed. 欣賞美麗的風景
Our first stop here is the astronomy exhibition hall. 來到天文館第一站是天文展示館
Follow me! 跟我進去逛一逛吧
The design of the astronomy exhibition hall was based on 天文展示館的空間規劃上
the four seasons of the earth. 從地球的四季變換出發
Visitors can learn about constellations, meteor showers, 認識四季星座 流星
and aerolites of each season. 與隕石
In addition, there is an environment theater here. 還有環境劇場
On the second floor, you can learn about 二樓可以認識
the eight planets of the solar system. 太陽系八大行星
And on the floor, you can see the development of astronomy. 地板可以看見天文學的發展歷史
The exhibition includes art creations that give visitors 並且還有相應的藝術作品
a better understanding of astronomy through images, texts, 透過影像 文字
installation arts, and an interactive facility on the Coriolis force. 裝置藝術及科氏力互動裝置來了解天文學
On the third floor, get ready to see stars, galaxies, and black holes. 三樓則是認識恆星、星系與黑洞
You can even get on a space capsule! 這裡還可以搭乘太空艙喔
In addition to permanent exhibitions, 這裡除了常設展之外
there are many special exhibitions here! 還有不同的特展
Do you know FORMOSAT-7? 你知道福衛七號嗎
It's a very important satellite of Taiwan 這是臺灣非常重要的衛星
that helps increase the accuracy of weather forecasts. 它可以讓我們的氣象預測更精準
Here you can find a full-scale model of the satellite. 在天文館這裡有一比一的模型喔
Let's see the special exhibition! 我們來逛一逛特展吧
You need to exercise a bit to play the game. 這裡的遊戲需要一點體力
And you need partners to generate energy with you. 而且需要有夥伴來幫你一起產生能源
You can see I'm giving it all out. 你看我踩得非常用力
This is Star Trek. 星際迷航(Star Trek)
Oh! In this game, you have to help space animals 喔!這個遊戲要幫助太空動物們
find their route to the moon. 找到登月的路線
This is a basketball game machine, 這是投籃機
and there is a circle and a cross on it. 上面有圈和叉
You have to answer the question 你必須回答問題
by shooting basketballs to get scores. 而且要投進才有算分數
Wow! It's a bit challenging! 哇 有點困難
Let me try this. 我來挑戰看看
This is a Whac-A-Mole machine. 這裡還有打地鼠的遊戲機
Let me try this. 我來試試看
After the game, you get vouchers 挑戰完成會有彩票
that you can redeem for some small gifts. 還可以兌換小獎品喔
Wow! Isn't it cool? 哇 是不是非常酷呢
You can come here and try them out! 可以來這裡挑戰看看喔
I love the exhibition here. 我非常喜歡這裡的展覽
There are many interesting interactive facilities. 都有很多好玩 互動性的設計
They are both entertaining and educational at the same time. 在玩遊戲的同時可以學習到許多的知識喔
In the planetarium, you can watch interesting 3D movies. 在星象劇場可以看到非常精彩的3D電影
It's the only planetarium in Taiwan that has a 3D dome theater. 這也是全台唯一的3D球幕星象劇場
You can experience what it's like to be surrounded by the universe. 可以體驗被宇宙包圍的感覺
It's worth mentioning that some of the movies are made by the staff here! 特別值得一提的是有些影片還是天文館的工作人員自己做的喔
It's a bit tiring to get to the observatory. 要上去觀星需要耗費一點體力
Follow me and let's walk up the trail! 跟我一起往上爬吧!
There is a cafeteria here. 這裡有餐廳
If you get tired or want to take a rest, 如果餓了或者想休息一下
you can come here and have a cup of coffee. 可以來這裡喝咖啡
Normally, cafeterias are built in places that have great views. 通常咖啡廳都蓋在視野很好的地方
The observatory deck is right next to the cafeteria. 它的旁邊就有觀景台
Look! You can even see the Zengwun River 你看 從這裡看過去可以看到曾文溪
and the Moon World terrain. 還有月世界的地形
This is a sundial. 這是日晷
It was used as a clock in the past. 就是以前的時鐘
You can tell the time from by reading the position of the shadow. 看影子可以知道現在是幾點
We have to walk up the trail a bit more. 我們的目標還要再往上爬
Finally! Here we are! 終於到了!
There are a lot of telescopes in the observatory. 進來這裡可以看到很多望遠鏡
There are even refracting telescopes here. 這裡還有折射式望遠鏡
The equipment gives visitors a better understanding 這樣的裝置主要是讓觀眾了解
of how light proceeds when we observe objects 當你用望遠鏡去觀測時
with a telescope. 光的路徑怎麼走
Do you know why I just showed you the telescopes? 知道為什麼要介紹這些望遠鏡嗎
You have to check out what's up there. 更厲害的在上面
Wow! There is an electric shutter here! 哇 這房子竟然有電動的天窗
It's so cool! 超酷的
This is the observatory of Tainan Astronomical Education Area. 這邊是我們南瀛天文館的天文觀測室
You can observe sunspots and solar prominences 透過這兩台望遠鏡可以看到太陽表面的黑子
with these two telescopes. 以及日珥的活動
This is the best telescope here. 這一台是最厲害的望遠鏡
But it's not open to the public. 當然這個沒有對外開放囉
The staff here use it to make observations. 這是這裡的工作人員觀測用的望遠鏡
This is what a dead star looks like. 這是一顆星星死掉的樣子
We found it around Vega. 這是我們在織女星附近拍到的
The bright dots you see here are stars, 你看旁邊這一顆亮亮的點 都是天上的星星
and the ring in the middle 中間這個圈圈
was once a bright dot as well. 它本來跟旁邊一樣也是亮亮的星點
The star's nuclear fuel was exhausted. 因為它中間的燃料燒完了
This led to an unbalanced internal pressure, 壓力不平衡
and the star began to expand. 就開始逐漸膨脹
After it expanded, the increased volume 膨脹後體積就變大了
led to low density in the center of the star. 中間因為密度較稀薄
This is why the star looks like a ring now. 看起來就像一個圈圈
Wow! A tour in Tainan Astronomical Education Area 哇 逛完南瀛天文館
is just like a tour in the universe. 感覺像是逛了宇宙一圈
There are so many interesting exhibitions 好多有趣的事情
as well as informative activities. 這裡的活動也可以增長知識
It's a place for both adults and children! 很適合大朋友小朋友一起來玩喔!
In Tainan, you can see the Moon World terrain 月世界的自然景觀
in areas including Dongshan, Zuojhen, Danei, 在臺南的東山 左鎮 大內 歸仁
and Gueiren. 都可以看到這樣的地形
After enjoying the special scenery, 欣賞這特殊的景觀後
follow me and let's go hiking! 跟我去踏青吧!
I'm now here at Tsou Ma Lai Farm. 我現在在走馬瀨農場
It's a popular site for group tours. 很多團體會來這裡辦團康活動
This farm is huge. 這裡真的非常大
Wow! I don't even know where I should start with. 哇 我不知道從何逛起
Let's invite my friend here to show us around. 還是來找在地的朋友來導覽一下
This is my friend, Steven. 這位是我朋友世瑋
Steven, this farm is so big. 世瑋你們這裡好大喔
Can you show us around? 可以帶我去逛一逛嗎
Sure. 好啊
Here we have hotels, camping sites, entertainment facilities, 我們這裡有住宿 露營 遊樂設施
as well as a leisure farm. 還有休閒農場可以體驗
Zou Ma Lai Farm 走馬瀨農場這個地方
used to be Tevorangh Tribe of the Siraya People. 以前是西拉雅大武壠社
You can see the Tevorangh Suspension Bridge at the farm. 在農場裡可以看到大武壠吊橋
The relic of the Siraya people has been preserved here. 將西拉雅的元素保留
There are meadows here! 這裡有牧草耶
You can come here to stack the hay rolls. 可以來這裡推草球
It's a good place for photo shooting. 非常適合拍照
There are many orchards on the farm, 在農場裡可以看到一區一區的果園
and these orchards are created mainly for educational purposes. 這裡的果園主要是以教學體驗為主
There are orchards of different fruits, 所以種類非常多樣
and you can come here to experience what farming is like! 來這裡可以做農事體驗喔
There are many leisure facilities here. 這裡還有許多休閒設施
Let's go try out the archery game! 跟我去射箭吧
Wow! It's quite difficult. 哇 這真的有點難度
But it's fun! 但是非常好玩
Wow! I just hit the bull's eye! 哇 我射中了
This is another section of the farm. 這裡又是另外一區
It's a two-minute drive from the main farm. 開車大概要兩分鐘的距離
Here you can learn knowledge about agriculture. 來這裡可以學習農事教育
There is an aquaponic farm here, 有魚菜共生示範
and there are also greenhouses. 也有溫室
I'm going to try the harvest activity. 我也來體驗採收的樂趣看看
Harvesting is really interesting. 我覺得採收真的非常有趣
It's a valuable experience. 這是非常難得的經驗
You can get a farmer certificate there. 那裡可以拍農夫證
Yay! This is what I have harvested. 耶 這是我採收的成果
It is not uncommon to see chickens and ducks in the country, 在鄉村裡看見雞 鴨很平常
but you hardly hear roosters crow in the city, 在都市裡卻很難聽見公雞的叫聲
unless you change your alarm sound into crowing sounds. 除非你的鬧鐘就是公雞叫
The animals here are all common animals you see in the country. 這裡的動物都是鄉村裡比較常見的小動物
There are rabbits, wild chickens, Japanese bantams, goats, macaques, 有兔子 山雞 日本雞 羊 獼猴
and peacocks. 還有孔雀
Wow! You don't see them in daily life. 哇 這真的很少見
Look at the rabbits. There are large ones and small ones. 你看兔子 有大隻的還有小兔兔
They're so cute. 真的非常可愛
You can spend an entire day here. 這裡一天真的逛不完
There are places for kids to play with water, 有適合小朋友玩水
and there are places for barbecue and camping. 也有適合朋友們一起來烤肉或露營的地方
Besides, there are many concerts and activities here. 也有不定期的音樂會或者活動
Also, we have many theme pavilions here. 還有很多不同的主題館
That's a lot, isn't it? 是不是很豐富呢
When you visit Danei, 有機會來大內
don't forget to take a tour to the farm! 記得來農場走走逛一逛喔!
Now that we're in Danei, we definitely have to see local products here! 來到大內當然要來看看這裡的特產有哪些囉
The best way to know what a place produces 想知道在地特產最快的方式
is to go to the local markets! 就是到當地的果菜市場
Come on, follow me! 走 跟我去逛一逛
Danei Fruit and Vegetable Market opens 大內的青果市場主要是在
during June to August each year 每年的六月中到八月中有攤商進駐
from 7:00AM to 3:00PM. 從早上七點到下午三點
There are different types of mangoes 這裡有很多不同品種的芒果
and avocados. 還有酪梨
Besides, you can also find pobuzi here. 同時你也會看到破布子
Danei is best known for avocados. 我們大內的酪梨最有名
We have the best avocados here. 品質最好
In addition to avocados, 除了酪梨之外
Danei also produces many famous fruits. 大內其他的水果也很有名
People in Danei have done a lot of studies on produce. 我們大內對農產品很有研究
We reduce the size of papayas 木瓜研究到小小顆
and produces male papayas only 做成公瓜比較好吃
because they taste better without seeds. 都沒有籽
Besides, guavas here have been improved and are quite large. 芭樂也是改良到很大顆
They are popular export produce. 外銷很受歡迎
In addition to the impressive fruits, 我發現大內除了水果很厲害之外
residents in Danei are all impressive, too. 在地各個都是大內高手
Fresh fruits from Danei! 大家都來大內買水果喔
Wow! Even the kids are selling the fruits. 哇 小朋友也很認真幫忙推銷大內的水果
Avocados! Mangoes! 吃酪梨 吃芒果喔
Chicken restaurants in Danei are famous. 大內這裡的土雞城非常有名
Everyone here has his/her own favorite restaurant, 每個人都有自己的口袋名單
and each restaurant has its own recipes. 每一間各有特色都很好吃
The most famous dish here in Danei is “Cizai” chicken. 大內最特別的是「莿仔雞」
What is Cizai chicken? 什麼是莿仔雞
Let's go check it out. 跟我去了解看看
Cizai, or sweet acacia, is a plant that grows in the mountain. 莿仔是生長在山區的植物
Its formal name is Vachellia farnesiana. 學名為「金合歡」
To make the dish, dry stem and root slices of sweet acacia under the sun, 將「金合歡」的莖和根部切片曬乾後
and stew them for more than 4 hours. 熬煮四小時以上做成湯頭
Then, the soup is stewed with Chinese herbs. 再加入中藥熬煮而成
This is Cizai chicken. 這一鍋就是莿仔雞
It looks black. 看起來黑黑的
There are many Chinese herbs in the pot, 然後有蠻多中藥材
but the fragrant aroma doesn't smell strongly of medicine. 味道聞起來並不是強烈的藥味
I can't tell what the aroma is. 但是說不出是什麼味道
Let me try it first. 我來吃吃看
Wow! It's really special. 哇 這味道真的很特別
I don't know how to describe it. 我很難形容
I think there is sesame oil in it. It smells good. 好像有一點麻油的味道 它很香
The soup is not too thick. 不是很濃郁的那種
It has a light taste, 湯喝起來很清爽
and it's not greasy. 不油膩
This is different from what the color of the soup may have implied. 跟這個顏色有一點不搭
It's really special. 我覺得非常特別
I'll try the chicken. 我來吃吃看雞肉
Hmm! The chicken is really tasty. 嗯 雞肉熬煮地非常入味
It has a light aroma. 有一種淡淡的香味
I think the meat was fried with sesame oil before it was added into the soup. 感覺雞肉有先用麻油拌炒過
The soup contains some rice wine, 這湯裡有加一點點米酒
and I feel like I've had a lot of wine. 喝完湯好像喝了酒一樣
It's so special. 好特別
But the owner said he had only added a little rice wine. 但是老闆說他只有加一點點酒
By the way, pregnant women should avoid this dish. 我聽長輩說孕婦不能吃這一道菜
Remember to consult your doctor first if you're pregnant! 懷孕的朋友要記得先問過醫生喔
The food here is tasty 這裡的菜也非常美味
and inexpensive! 而且很平價
When you visit Danei, you definitely have to try local dishes here! 來大內 一定要來品嚐在地的美味喔
There are lots of fun places to visit in Danei. 大內的景點都非常好玩
And you can spend more than an entire day here. 一天絕對玩不完
If you visit Danei, 有機會來大內
make sure you have enough time 一定要安排多一點時間
to go hiking, stargazing, eating local dishes and buying local products. 可以踏踏青 看星星 品嚐在地的美食和特產
They're definitely worth it! 絕對值回票價


Hot Tainan EP9. Starry Greenland

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