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Improvement Pill here, happiness is not something that you magically wake up one
day having you have to create it you have to build the right habits and over
time you will start to feel happier so today I'm gonna show you the top three
ways to create more happiness so that you can actually enjoy your time in this
game that we all play called life the first way to create more happiness is by
fixing the ratio studies have found that about 80% of the thoughts that we have
on a day-to-day basis are negative this is bad because every time you have a
negative thought it comes with a negative feeling take for example the
extremely common thought that a lot of us have I'm not good enough when you
have this start what do you feel well depending on who you are it can make you
feel angry ashamed guilty the press or even just sad the point is when you have
a negative thought like this it makes you feel bad you're creating unhappiness
in your life on the other hand when you have a positive thought like people love
me what does that do well it makes you feel good right these type of thoughts
do the opposite they create happiness which is why if you want to be happy you
need to fix the ratio of the amount of bad thoughts you have every day to the
amount of good thoughts you have every day and there are two ways you can go
about doing this the first is by building a habit of expressing gratitude
I have a journal that I write in every night write about a couple of things
like what I learned that day any key events that occurred what I want to
accomplish the following day but I always end my journal entries by writing
down at least one thing that I'm grateful for in my life
for example I've written things like I feel grateful for having a job that I
truly enjoy or something like I feel grateful towards my mom
for teaching me how to work hard from a very young age and by simply taking a
minute or two to think about and write down one thing you feel fortunate to
have you're forcing your brain to have a good thought you're training your brain
to look for the good in life and over time you'll actually catch yourself
having more and more positive thoughts randomly throughout the day the second
way you can fix the ratio is by learning to control your overthinking see we
often fall into spirals and negativity we start to think about an event that
occurred to us and we make negative assumptions based off of these events
for example let's say you got rejected by someone in the past you might reply
that event over and over again in your head and think to yourself man why'd I
say that to her think I'm a loser no one's attracted to
me I'm never gonna find love and it just gets worse and worse when we fall into
negative spirals like this we can easily spend 30 minutes to an hour just beating
ourselves up creating a ton of unhappiness in our life which is why
it's extremely important to be able to catch yourself early on in one of these
spirals of negativity so that you can stop yourself from essentially torturing
yourself and the best way to do this is by practicing meditation meditation is
kind of like lifting weights and working out but with your mind the more you
meditate the stronger your ability to control your thoughts will be you'll be
able to catch yourself falling into a negative spiral and insert a positive
thought manually to stop yourself from creating more unhappiness using the
example from before if you catch yourself in a negative spiral brooding
over a past rejection you can simply think to yourself you know getting
rejected was actually a good thing the more times I put myself out there the
better I will get at talking to girls which makes the entire situation seem
like a good one and that stops the negative spiral when you combine
journaling with meditation you will start to see a slight change in your
ratio in just a couple of weeks and there doesn't need to be a huge
difference for you to notice a shift in your day to day levels of happiness a
day where you spend only 70% of the time thinking negative thoughts will feel
vastly different from a day where you spent 80% of the time thinking negative
thoughts the next way we can create more happiness in our lives is by building
and maintaining social bonds the Amazon Explorer Yossi Ginsberg spent weeks in
the Amazon jungle all by himself after the expedition reporters asked him what
he thought the hardest part of his adventure was what caused him the most
suffering he replied by saying that it was not the millions of mosquitoes that
feed off of you day and night or the unforgiving weather or even the bump ins
with dangerous animals and natives it was the loneliness that he felt after
just a couple of weeks he had to create imaginary friends in order to keep
himself company just so that he wouldn't go insane see almost all human beings
have a built-in need for social bonds it's in our DNA you actually have to
have them or else your brain will shrink and there's a pretty good chance that
you'll develop some form of mental illness but other than that building and
maintaining social bonds allows you to create more happiness
your life in two ways firstly when you have conversations with people it's a
form of play you can exchange information you can solve problems
together or you can tease and make jokes of each other all of which are
fulfilling and pleasurable for us human beings these activities create happiness
within us the second reason why you need to build and maintain social bonds is
that it helps you deal with sources of unhappiness
life is tough we all eventually face things like loss of a loved one severe
injuries or just plain old misfortune it's inevitable and these things can
cause us to fall into deep negative spirals that are often very hard to get
out of by ourselves but when you have strong social bonds you essentially have
a way to share and vent out the stress the guilt and the other negative
emotions that often come with these unfortunate events this dramatically
decreases the amount of suffering that these events can cause because it no
longer feels like you're facing them by yourself so how do we go about building
and maintaining social bonds well one of the most effective ways of doing this is
by simply building a habit of reaching out to at least one person every day it
can be an old friend that you haven't talked to in a while it can be a
stranger who happened to sit next to you on your commute to work
it can even be some nice old lady on a park bench who's feeding the pigeons it
doesn't matter because by simply putting yourself out there and sparking a
conversation you will create a bond with another human being which will make you
happier this will also over time improve your social skills allowing you to build
even stronger bonds with other people now before we move on to the third and
final way of creating more happiness which by the way is my favorite method I
want to tell you about a project that I've been working on for the past six
months as you've probably noticed your ability to cream or happiness ultimately
depends on your ability to build new habits building a habit of journaling or
a habit of meditation or even a habit of reaching out to someone every day the
truth of the matter is the only way you will actually see any change any
progress in your life is if you manage to build and stick to a habit you can
read all the books watch all the videos and take all the courses you want but if
you don't actually build a habit and stick to it your life isn't gonna change
at all which is why I've decided to create the habit builder challenge this
is a specially designed program with one goal in mind to make it as easy as
possible for you to actually build and stick to a habit and this
is in my opinion your best bet at actually seeing the progress that you
want in life for those of you that are interested all you have to do is sign up
for my email list using the link in the description box below in order to
receive news and updates about this upcoming program alright let's talk
about the third and final way you can create happiness in your life
I call it becoming one with the muse well that sounds so mystical what
exactly are you talking about improvement pill well there are a ton of
different names for this but the one that you're probably most familiar with
already is what's called entering a flow state this is when you're engaged in an
activity with a hundred percent of your focus every action every movement and
thought flows out of you effortlessly you don't have to think your body just
does time flies by and everything you do feels amazing the reason I call it
becoming one of the muse is because when you enter the flow state it almost feels
like you're not just you anymore it feels like a sort of mystical energy is
possessing your body giving you all these amazing ideas now this is just the
fun way I like to think of it as it makes the whole experience much more
enjoyable for me if it's not your cup of tea you can always just think of it as
the flow state studies have actually found that when we are in the flow state
when we are one of them use our brains flood our system with large quantities
of dopamine endorphins and serotonin these are all extremely pleasurable
neurotransmitters they are the same ones that hardcore drugs like cocaine and
ecstasy manipulate in order to make you feel really really good so in a sense
becoming one with the muse is like getting quote-unquote high off of life
this is a way for you to feel extremely good and happy without having to take a
huge toll on your body like most hardcore drugs would and this is why I
consider this to be the most powerful way of creating happiness in your life
because whenever you're feeling down you can simply get high off of life itself
so how exactly does one enter the flow state more often well it's quite simple
you probably already have a couple of things that you enjoy doing it can be
any hobby any sort of work or skill so long as it allows you to be creative in
some way and you just have to make a habit of spending some time every single
day playing around with this activity that you enjoy for example my favorite
way of going about this is by dancing I've been dancing for more
than half my life doing about 30 minutes sometimes more sometimes less but almost
every day the more often you become one with the muse the more you will find
yourself entering this state of mind while doing other activities in your
life you'll notice slight changes in your personality you'll become more
playful more creative and enjoy small simple things a lot more and what's
great about spending more time in this state of mind is that over time you
actually get really good at whatever activity it is that you like if you like
drawing and you play around with it for just 30 minutes a day over the course of
a couple of years you will actually get so good that you could potentially make
a living off of it it becomes a skill that other people will be impressed by
for the rest of your life so look if you want to create more happiness in your
life all you have to do is fix your ratio create more social bonds and spend
more time becoming one with the muse again if you're having issues building
and sticking to habits click on the link in the description box below to sign up
for my email list where you'll get news and updates for my upcoming program the
habit builder challenge besides that guys stay tuned


How To Create Happiness In Your Life - Top 3 Habits

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