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It has mono saturated fatty acids? Great!
Hi, everybody! My name is Alisha and this is Top Words. Today's topic is
10 Foods to Make You Live Longer.
So let's talk about it!
Avocado is delicious
It's green, it's about this big, you cut it and you eat it, and it's awesome.
Avocados actually contain more potassium than bananas.
You can use avocado to make a guacamole, for example, which is a very popular dish,
you can put it in salads, which is something I like to do, check out
JapanesePod101 to find Risa who loves avocado!
you peel a banana from the top, you take the stem thing, just... I actually really
truly, I ate a banana in a smoothie this morning and it was delicious! That's a
popular way to eat bananas.
A berry, which is blue. blueberries are really really good at
helping burn fat.
You could use them in a desert as well, alternatively. I've seen recipes, or you
bake blueberries into things like muffins, for example. If you want to
include blueberries in something else, like I just talked about muffins,
we say "baked into something something". So for example,
I'm going to bake blueberries into my muffins later.
I'm all about the fish! Let's talk about you and me and fish! So fish are high in
omega-3 fatty acids, so it's a very very popular health food.
They are rich in good fats.
They also have a lot of protein in them, and additionally, they're delicious!
Oh garlic is very important, if you're very worried about
vampires. Haha! Vampires on the medical site! Garlic is delicious, garlic is used
in a lot of different foods, you can slice garlic or you can make it even
smaller which is "to mince garlic". So it's these tiny tiny little pieces that are
cut even further from a sliced piece that's called to mince.
Green tea
Green tea is excellent! Green tea is so delicious, one of the effects
of green tea is supposedly to help protect cells in your body from damage,
and thereby reducing the effects of aging and breaking down in the body.
It's a fairly healthy way to get caffeine, if you're a caffeine drinker.
Macadamia nut
Next is macadamia nut, macadamia nuts are delicious, i feel that
they are often used in Hawaiian cuisine a lot.
We have the noun "a snack", something that you can eat
just between meals if you like, but we also can use it as a verb, to snack on...
So I like to snack on macadamia nuts after lunch, for example.
Oatmeal is the next food on our list, there are a lot of
different kinds of oatmeal, actually. It's rich in fiber, fiber is known for helping
food pass through the digestive system more smoothly. So oatmeal can be
beneficial for that. A lot of people like to eat oatmeal for breakfast in the
morning, you can eat it hot or you can eat it cold, whatever you like to do.
My boss also eats just plain oatmeal and water for lunch.
Oatmeal is very popular with raisins as well, the two seem to complement each other nicely.
Red wine
So the next word, the next drink on this list, is red wine.
Yes it's an alcohol, red wine is said to be beneficial to your health because it
is high in antioxidants.
So antioxidants protect the lining of blood vessels and your heart, so
ingesting moderate amount of red wine is said to be said to be good for you, or
can have positive effects on the body.
I drink red wine when I'm out with my friends usually. Though maybe sometimes I
have a glass at home.
It's a really popular source of protein for people who are vegetarians
or vegans, and i'm, like, super into tofu. Like the last week and a half
I've been eating so much tofu. I'm loving it! Usually if you buy tofu it comes in
it comes in the
a package and there's water inside it to keep the tofu moist until you're about
to cook it.
So you have to drain the water from the tofu, and usually i wrap mine in paper
towels, and then put a heavy bowl on top of it to squeeze out the
excess moisture before I use it.
That's the end of 10 foods that will help you to live longer.
Also I hope that you picked up a few new cooking vocabulary words, cooking and
food related vocabulary words. If you have a favorite food that you think is
really really good or if you know some other foods that may be
beneficial for your health, please share them in a comment. If you enjoyed
this video also please please please make sure to subscribe to our channels
so that you don't miss more information as it becomes available.
Thanks very much for watching this episode, and we will see you again soon.
I don't open avocados, open avocados.
Wow. This and to open, to open your banana!
Why? Oh my god! It was so delicious so i made cream cheese with tofu
Oh my god! Becky! Look at her tofu! Like seriously!


Learn the Top 10 English Foods That Will Make You Live Longer

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