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  • Hi guys, welcome to the learn special effect makeup channel on YouTube.

  • Today I want to show you how you can make some severe bruises using Sculpt Gel.

  • SculptGel is mixed by volume. You add an equal amount of A and B, and mix them together.

  • Make sure they are mixed properly. Its time to add some silicone pigments.

  • Add the pigment in small amount, you are going to be amazed how little pigment you will need.

  • You can always check the color of the skin and the color of the silicon

  • and then add on more colors if you need more red, yellow or even some more brown.

  • As for adding the Sculpt Gel to your skin, you can do that by using a different variation

  • of tools, I'm using a wooden spatula here. You want to feather out all your edges so

  • they blend nicely in to your skin, you do that by adding some 99% alcohol to your tool,

  • and then start feathering out all your edges, and that will also take care off all the tool

  • marks you have made.

  • And now that you have a nice and even surface, its time to add some skin texture. You can

  • do this by using a different variation of sponges. Add some alcohol to you sponges as

  • well, so they won't grab and tear in your silicone.

  • This technique will also help you feather out your edges even more.

  • Now that it is nice and feathered out, we need to add some of the wounds. Take your

  • tool, dip it in the alcohol again, and start modeling up the wound and the effect you want.

  • Working with sculpt gel is all about the setting time. Sculpt Gel cures within 5-7 minutes

  • just before it cures you need to add your wounds. Dip your tools in alcohol and carve

  • in you desired wound. Lifting up some of the edges, as the Sculpt

  • Gel sets makes the wounds look even deeper, and even more severe.

  • For the paint, I use the skin illustrator on set palette. Its an alcohol activated makeup, which gives me the possibility of adding in layers.

  • Adding you makeup in layers will give it a more realistic effect.

  • Next, I'm adding some fresh scratch to my wounds where I want them to look really deep.

  • And now it is time for the blood. It is important that you build up your layers in blood as well.

  • Give it a layer of blood, wash it away with some tissue and then on with it again.

  • The more layers and time you give yourself for this step, the more realistic it will look.

  • To much blood will make it over dramatic and fake, but the right amount will do the trick.

  • So put something on and take it away with some tissue until you have the effect and the look that you desire.

  • This is my final look, I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

  • If you liked it, please make sure to subscribe to the channel, or click the hands for other tutorials.

Hi guys, welcome to the learn special effect makeup channel on YouTube.


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