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Folks, I have a simple philosophy.
The government should work for everyone, not just the elite.
And that's why I helped pass the farm bill,
because I care about farmers. But I won't stop there.
I will work for everyone, whether you are young,
whether you are old,
whether you are Asian or Hispanic,
whether you are straight or whether you are gay.
I will work for all of you.
And that's why I also support marriage equality.
Folks don't choose to be gay,
anymore than I choose to be straight.
Could you imagine if someone told you
that you couldn't marry the person that you loved?
I'm sorry, I think gays are people too.
Gays are not different. Gays, they're just like us.
They love, they fear, they raise their children,
they strive for a better life.
But there are those who believe that being gay
is an abomination.
That's absurd. The homosexual community
is a valuable community in this country.
They are doctors, they are lawyers,
they are teachers, they are me, and they are you.
And their contributions are no less important
than any other group in this fine nation of ours.
So, turn to that gay person near you,
and see that they are no different than you are.
Thank you.


Town Hall Audience Member - Key & Peele

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