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  • Hi everybody, and welcome back to top words.

    皆さんこんにちは、再び top words へようこそ。

  • My name is Alisha and today we're going to talk about ten words that you can use at a bar.

    私の名前はアリーシャ、今日はバーで使える 10 個の表現を教えます。

  • Let's go.


  • To buy a round.

    「to buy a round.」

  • The first expression is to buy a round.

    一つ目の表現は、「to buy a round」

  • To buy a round means to buy a round of drinks essentially.

    「to buy a round」 はみんなにお酒を一杯おごることを意味します。

  • A round of drinks means one drink for everyone in your group, one drink for everyone in your party.

    「a round of drinks」 はグルーブのみんなにお酒が一杯ずつあることを示します。

  • By the way, the word "party" is used to mean group at a bar or restaurant.

    ちなみに、この 「party」 という言葉はバーやレストランにおけるグループを表すのに用いられます。

  • The number of people in your party is the number of people in your group.

    「party」 の中の人数とは、グループの中の人数を意味します。

  • So, to buy a round means to buy a drink for everybody.

    「to buy a round」 はみんなにお酒を一杯おごることを意味します。

  • In a sentence, "Our boss began the party by buying everyone a round."


  • In a different sentence, "You're buying the next round."


  • On the rocks.

    「on the rocks.」

  • The next expression is on the rocks.

    次の表現は、「on the rocks」

  • On the rocks is a way to order a drink.

    「on the rocks」 はお酒の一種の注文方法です。

  • When you say on the rocks, it means your drink on ice only.

    「on the rocks」 と言った場合、お酒に氷だけが入ってることを意味します。

  • So rocks are the ice in your glass.


  • So you can imagine the ice, the pieces of ice in your glass, the ice cubes, or an ice ball, these are like rocks.


  • So saying I'd like whisky, for example.


  • On the rocks means just whisky served over ice.

    「on the rocks」とは氷の上にウィスキーを注いだものです。

  • That's what on the rocks mean.

    「on the rocks」とはそういう意味です。

  • So in a sentence, "I'd like a gin on the rocks."


  • Straight up.

    「straight up」

  • The next expression is straight up.

    次の表現は 「straight up」

  • So, a straight up drink is different from an on the rocks drink.

    「straight up」 のお酒はロックで飲むお酒とは違います。

  • A straight up drink is chilled with ice but it's strained.

    「straight up」 のお酒は氷で冷やしてあるけど、フィルターにかけたものです。

  • So there's no ice in the drink, but it has been chilled with ice.


  • So, a straight up drink, there's nothing else in the glass, but it is a chilled drink.

    「straight up」のお酒とは、グラスの中には他のものは入ってないけど、冷えたお酒です。

  • In a sentence, "I'd like a martini, straight up."


  • Some people use the word "straight" or "straight up", but they mean "neat", which is the next word we're going to talk about.

    次に紹介する 「neat」の意味で、「straight」 または 「straight up」 を使う人も一部います

  • So keep in mind, straight or straight up means chilled.

    「straight」 または 「straight up」 は冷えていることを指すのを注意してください。

  • That's one of the key points here.


  • So, yeah, a martini straight up is a chilled martini.


  • Neat.


  • So the next expression is neat.

    次の表現は 「neat」

  • To order a drink neat means the drink is not chilled, and there is no ice.


  • It's just the the alcohol.


  • It's just the liquor.


  • There's nothing special about it.


  • A neat drink is only the drink, that's it.

    「neat」 のお酒とはお酒そのものだけです。

  • Nothing happens to it.


  • So in a sentence, "I'd like a whiskey neat."


  • Pint, half pint.

    「pint」 「half pint」

  • The next expression is really two expressions.


  • These are words you use when you order beer.


  • They are pint and half pint.

    「pint」と「half pint」です。

  • Depending on the country that you live in, pint can be a different size.


  • They vary by a few milliliters, depending on the country where you live in.


  • A half pint then is roughly half of the pint size, so a half pint and a pint are two ways, two sizes we use to order beer.

    「half pint」とは大体「pint」の半分で、「pint」と「half pint」はビールを注文するときの 2 つのサイズのことです。

  • In a sentence, "Can I have a half pint of this stout?"

    例文は、「スタウトビールを 1 パイントください。」

  • Chaser.


  • The next expression is chaser.

    次の表現は 「chaser」です。

  • So a chaser is something you use to follow an alcoholic drink.


  • Chasers are often used after shots.


  • So shots are small drinks that are usually kind of strong and alcohol content.


  • And they have a very strong taste, so some people like to have something after that.


  • They call it a chaser.


  • So the image is that the second drink is chasing the first drink into your body.

    イメージは、2 杯目の飲み物が 1 杯目を chase(追う)ようにして体に入るような感じです。

  • You can think of it that way.


  • The chaser is a non-alcoholic drink, so it could be water, it could be soda, it could be something like that, juice maybe.


  • So, chaser.


  • In a sentence, "Shots of tequila are often followed with chasers."


  • To be tipsy.

    「to be tipsy」

  • The next word is to be tipsy.

    次の表現は「to be tipsy」

  • To be tipsy is a way to describe your feeling when you're drinking.

    「to be tipsy」とはお酒を飲んでいるときの感覚を表現するのに用います。

  • So if you can imagine when you're standing straight up, when you're standing it's regular, you're very like confident and tall, and you don't move very much.


  • But, if you feel tipsy, this comes from the verb, to tip, like this.


  • So something tips to one side or another, think of your body in this way.


  • So we use the word, tipsy, the adjective, tipsy, to describe this feeling.


  • Maybe you're not so steady on your feet, you could tip over at anytime.


  • That's called being tipsy from alcohol.

    そのことをお酒を飲んで 「tipsy」になったと言います。

  • So in a sentence, let's see, "I'm a little tipsy. I need some water."


  • To be drunk.

    「to be drunk」

  • The next expression is to be drunk.

    次の表現は「to be drunk」

  • So we talked about the word, tipsy.


  • So tipsy is a little bit like a little unsteady, but drunk is just a mess.


  • You're just a disaster.


  • You're being noisy, you're being loud.


  • It's difficult to control your body or your friend's body, whatever.


  • So drunk is usually seen as a negative thing.


  • So, drunk expresses, yeah, it's just not pretty sometimes.


  • So in a sentence, "Your friend is drunk. Let's take him home."


  • To call it a night.

    「to call it a night」

  • The next expression is to call it a night.

    次の表現は 「to call it a night」

  • To call it a night means to decide, to finish at the bar, to go home.

    「to call it a night」とはバーで飲むのをやめて家に帰ると決めることを意味します。

  • You're ready to be done, so here I'm going to call it, I'm going to say, "This is tonight."

    もう終わりにしたい、だから 「This is tonight(これは今夜だ).」と 言うのです。

  • Tonight is finished.


  • So, in a sentence, "It's been a long evening. I'm gonna call it a night." mean I'm going to go home, I'm done.


  • It's a casual expression.


  • Hangover.


  • And then one more that you can use maybe the day after you visit a bar is hangover.

    バーに行った次の日に使えるかもしれないのが 「hangover」です。

  • So a hangover is a noun.


  • Hangover is the word we use to describe the feelings after drinking too much.


  • So maybe you feel sick to your stomach, you have a headache, your body is sore.


  • There are a number of different feelings you might have when you feel hangover.


  • To be hangover is another way to say it.


  • But when you have a hangover, it usually doesn't feel very good.


  • In a sentence, "I have a hangover today. I'm not going drinking tonight"


  • Alright, so that's the end.


  • Those are ten words that you can use at the bar.

    バーで使える 10 個の表現でした。

  • If you have any questions or if there are other words that you like to use when you go out for drinks, let us know in the comments.


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  • Thanks very much for watching this episode of top words and we will see you again soon, bye.

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Hi everybody, and welcome back to top words.

皆さんこんにちは、再び top words へようこそ。

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