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Hey guys! So, this is Anisha from India.
Hi everybody! How are you?
Is it your first time on a Brazilian YouTube channel?
Yes, I have never been on a Brazilian YouTube channel.
As a matter of fact, I have a very, very close dear friend...
My childhood friend was from Brazil
and, actually, hopefully, is watching this. Hey Marta!
-What's up? -Hi! Say hi to Marta...
And today we're gonna talk about the Indian accent
because she's from India, right?
And the first thing I would like to ask you is...
How did you learn English?
Do all Indian people speak English as a first language?
How does it work in your country?
So, I'm actually, originally and born and brought up actually in Germany.
I said "actually" a lot!
I was born in Germany, so I learned, I learned English in school in Germany.
But many people in India actually learn English in school.
English is basically like the second mother tongue,
next to their native language, which could be Hindi, Tamil...
So we learn it in school.
Does everybody speak English in your country?
Most of the time. I mean, of course...
Majority does because it is very necessary,
if you don't know English, you can't get along, around, sorry.
But there are parts of India like,
smaller cities, villages and places where
there isn't enough education yet for people to learn English,
and the facilities are not there. But other than that,
people want to learn, and there's is an effort
because we're still trying to spread education everywhere,
'cause we don't have enough schools or teachers
in India yet to do that.
But we have many english-speaking Indians, yes.
You said people in India learn English at school, right?
But what kind of classes do you have?
It's because in Brazil it's very focused on grammar and everything.
And we don't even learn how to speak the language at school.
So, how is it in India?
I mean, of course we learn the grammar,
so, from all the friends who went to school in India,
they all learn grammar from a very young age.
You start... Also because in families, you speak a lot of English.
Again... There are families who speak more their local language,
but you grow up with your family, learning and speaking English
with each other, but in school most of the time
especially if you go to English convent schools where they only speak English,
there're literally people in India who just go to English convent schools
and they learn everything in English.
And the Hind becomes like a subject, but otherwise
everything is in English.
And some people also speak English with each other,
because as I said it is important,
but some people actually speak more their native language.
So, then they're not comfortable speaking so much in English...
Over time that is getting better. The more of they watch
so many English content from the US, they all watch like
The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, Friends,
Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, it's all in English,
so they all want to know more and more English.
So it's common to talk in English, to speak English with people who
speak the same mother tongue that you speak, right?
So it's so different in Brazil because
-it's very artificial. -You don't?
It's very artificial. Why would I speak English with my sister,
for example, if we both speak portuguese?
It's very strange for us, you know? English is not part of our lives
as much as it is in India, I think.
It is like, if you see the signs, if you watch movies... Okay,
it's part of our lives, but we don't have so many opportunities to speak
So, I have something funny to see to this...
Because in India it is like the second mother tongue,
But I'm from Germany so I grew up actually with German.
Yeah, she has a crazy story.
I have a very weird story guys. Trust me, it's strange...
Go to my channel and then you'll understand what happend to me.
And the link is somewhere. Anyways, what I was saying is...
If you have there in Brazil
that people only speak in Portuguese with each other,
we have similarly the same thing in Germany!
So, I grew up in Germany. I did not speak in English to anybody.
As you said, it's weird for you to speak to your sister in English.
It was weird for my sister for me to speak to her in English
because they only either speak German or Hindi.
We don't speak English. I mean, I learned English in school, but
still you don't really speak because you don't have to.
It's not like you have English friends. It's not like
you do... You need it to talk to a shopkeeper.
You speak in your native language. You speak in German.
Like, [speaking German]. That's German by the way, guys...
-I was like, what did she say? -I know...
But that... So that I totally understand, 'cause in Germany
we go through the same thing.
Anisha, many people, not only in Brazil, but in other countries,
they mention that the Indian accent, sometimes,
is a little hard to understand. Do you agree with that?
I know that is... Some people have a very strong Indian accent...
But, you know... It's not even their fault.
And it's hard because I understand...
If you don't understand, if you don't understand the type of accent,
it becomes difficult. Like, I felt the same way with American accent.
I watched many movies. I had no idea what they were saying
'cause of... Like...
[speaking incomprehensible English]
Every country has their own type of accent.
I understand. Like, I can understand you...
You have a special accent, we Indians have a special accent.
The German speaking English, they have a special accent.
Everybody has an accent. It's a normal thing in the world.
So, I wouldn't say something is difficult to understand or not,
It's just an accident. It's just a matter of
-getting used to it. -Exactly!
Our native language has an affect, an effect, sorry, on our English
because that's what you've learned and spoken your entire life.
So even in India, if somebody has a strong accent...
It's because that's how we speak, you know...
And it's not even like our fault, it's not even a bad thing, right?
-It's because they get along in India. -Of course not!
But I don't agree, it is of course difficult, but I would say
there's also other English which is delay.
If German speak English, that's also tough if somebody is not used to it.
I feel that shouldn't be a stigma, you know, on...
-this things like... -Of course not!
"Oh you're from Brazil, you have an accent".
"Oh you from India, you have an accent."
"Oh you from Germany, you have an accent."
No, because in our countries... This is who we are,
-this is how we speak. -This is our identity.
That's what I've been trying to tell you!
And guys, you shouldn't care! Wherever you are from...
Is it Brazil? Is it India? Is it... I don't know, Taipei! Wherever!
It doesn't matter, your accent makes who you are!
Accept that!
And we are communicating, I think that's the most important thing.
We can understand each other very well. We were talking to
so many people from so many different places,
and we were still communicating and having fun and sharing our stories.
So I think this is the most... the nicest part of speaking in English
because it connects so many cultures and that's fine!
So, tell us about the amazing work you do on your channel,
tell them why I'm love with your channel!
Oh Gosh, she's so cute. I'm so, feeling so shy right now.
-Oh, c'mon! -You're so sweet.
So, I have a Youtube channel called Rikshawali.
So, Rikshawali is basically...
-Do you have rikshaws in Brazil? -No, you'll have to explain.
So rikshaws are basically tuc tucs, there're these three villars...
-It's like a taxi... -I'll put a picture here.
Yeah put up here. There will be a picture. That's a rikshaw...
And we use it as a taxi to get around. It's very,
very popular in India. Everybody rides in a rickshaw,
you can't live without a rickshaw, and I make videos in a rickshaw.
I make comedy videos. I try to make people laugh in a stupid, silly way.
My jokes are not always the best, but I'm trying to spread happiness
and make people laugh. That's what my mission is.
And talk about a lot of girls, I want to empower and help them
and inspire them and tell them how amazing girls are.
So, anyways, I also go around the world and make foreigners eat
and do Indians thing, but it's very entertaining by the way, so
you should check it out.
But yes, that's kinda what I do on my channel so, check it out!
That's why I'm a big fan of Anisha's work.
And I'm big fan of her bacause she's empowering people,
she's teaching people English. I mean, how awesome is that!
I wish she knew Hindi, so she could come to India
and teach people in India English.
So, I really hope you guys like this video. I hope you
practiced your listening ability with this video.
So, I just wanna tell you that's very important
for you to listen to different accents
because English doesn't belong to Americans...
Or to British people anymore. English is spoken
everywhere in the world, so you have to get used to
all these accents, if you were to communicate with everybody.
-I hope you understood me. -They have, they have.
And please follow Anisha because she...
You speak English in most of your videos, right?
Yes, most of them, yes! But, make sure to like this video,
make sure to share it and subscribe and comment...
and show everybody and your friends, ??? this video,
So they can see that people from different countries,
with different accents are working together, talking together...
Love punch!
To video, to video together.
-So, I hope you guys liked it! -Thank you!



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