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You guys had never been in a movie before.
No. But we did star on the same television show.
-"Growing Pains". -'89 and '90.
'91 and '92.
I don't know. We're talking decades ago. We were on the same television show.
Did you ever do a scene together?
-No. -No, no, no.
Wait no longer.
L.A., the summer of 1969, the city of dreams is going through seismic changes.
For some in Hollywood, modernity means opportunity. -I'm in the movie.
For others, it feels more like the last picture show.
Cliff here, is meant to help carry the load.
Is that how you describe your job, Cliff?
What, carrying his load? That's about right.
"Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is a buddy movie, a cliffhanger, a horror film, and a Tarantino masterclass in storytelling.
Don't you forget it.
Can you give me the elevator pitch?
I don't know if i can do the elevator pitch for this.
- About anything. - Yeah, about anything.
Leonardo Dicaprio is the fading TV cowboy actor.
Brad Pitt, his stunt double.
We get into a fight. I accidentally kill you. I go to jail.
Anybody accidentally kills anybody in fights, they go to jail.
Friends inseparable.
They're working class guys trying to survive in a changing industry.
The guys with the pompadours were sort of fading out, and the hippie revolution was coming into play.
Did you have these guys in mind when you wrote it?
- Well, yes. - And a few others.
Because the thing though is that, the answer is "Yes, I did", but I couldn't be arrogant enough to think I'm going to get them, alright?
Oh, that's nice.
Was there any trepidation whatsoever when, oh, him, you, these?
You guys are really famous and well regarded but had never worked together before.
Was there any trepidation?
Hell, no, man. You know, you don't have to carry the whole thing.
You got these other great people, too, who are the best of the best and are going to, you know, help carry that load. It's actually a relief.
I don't think, I mean, I'm not speaking for you, but I don't think either of us thought about it in that context.
It's what's best for the film.
I've admired the choices he's taken through his career.
You know, if you start to think in that realm of big actor, big actor, what is the dynamic?
You're trying to create a piece of art here.
You're talking about something from an outside perception.
I mean, just a couple idiots on the couch.
I had to change my shirt because I got toothpaste on it on the way here.
Do you know what i mean?
We see it from the inside out.
Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate, a real-life actress who was murdered by the Manson family.
In the movie, Leo and Margot are next door neighbors.
Whenever I heard her name, I really only thought about her death.
I was never really exposed to the parts of her life when she was alive.
Tate's sister gave her blessing for the film and even provided Margot with some of Sharon's jewelry.
It was sometimes very sad, to be that closely connected with real life Sharon.
Yeah, it hit you at moments.
Suddenly, the tragedy of it all would hit you, and you'd be tremendously sad.
Other times, it made me feel so happy.
But yes, there were moments it was very sad.
An eerie reality in a story from Tarantino's imagination.
Both Pitt and Dicaprio have some stunning scenes.
Embarrass yourself like that in front of all the god damn people!
The scene where he is in his trailer, the jump cutting scene and everything, that was all improvised and wasn't written in the script.
I will go on record as it is one of the best meltdowns laid on film.
Tarantino's films are idiosyncratic and often spectacularly violent.
Anybody order fried sauerkraut?
You guys have worked with this guy before.
Was there ever a moment in the films you've worked on, or this one, where you said, "you want me to do what?"
No. No. You know what you're getting into.
Yeah, the "Hullabaloo" scene.
That is true.
The film tells us fame is a capricious mistress.
She can be cruel and unfair.
It's official, old buddy. I'm a has-been.
Have either of you ever had that sense, where either the train has stopped or maybe I want to get off?
I've always, you know, look at the trajectory and the careers of some of the greatest actors that I've admired.
They ebb and flow.
There's good times and there's bad times.
Hopefully, you can just be in the race as a long distance runner, is the only hope.
Precisely that.
We're all aware there is a shelf life on this.
You know, it's really important to me, you know, the people I spend my time with, and the artists I respect.
So i don't know what went wrong on this one but...
Would you do it again? Would you want to work together again?
We talked about doing Jerry Lee Lewis and Dean Martin's stories.
He wants to do a Christmas album.
I want to do a Christmas album.
I'm here for it.
No fun hanging around with those guys.
- You saw the movie. - Yeah. -What'd you think? - I want to see it again. - Really!?
Oh, talk about secrecy about this film.
You almost had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to say, there's a big secret in it.
I can't talk about it.
But it's 1969, the year I graduated from high school.
There's a lot of scenes with guys in cars with their windows down, and the music is playing KHJ from Los Angeles.
You were like, whoa!
Harry, this is a '60s re-trip for you.
Exactly. And there's no stone unturned because it is all authentic. There is no CGI.
What he did to make this authentic was L.A. becomes a huge character.
Which what's so amazing. So much of that time in L.A. still is there.
It's rusty and rotting. Sorry.
They seem to have a lot of chemistry, Brad and Leo.
"Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is coming out next Friday, July 26th.



[英語で聞いてみよう]ブラピにデカプリオ豪華キャストインタビュー!『ワンス・アポン・ア・タイム・イン・ハリウッド』 (Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Robbie And Tarantino Talk 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' )

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