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  • What's the recovery period for brain surgery?

  • It varies, but usually at least four to six weeks.

  • Looks like you'll be stuck with me for four to six weeks.

  • Don't be an idiot, Todd. You deploy in five days, man.

  • That was before I knew you had a brain tumor.

  • No, don't screw this up for yourself. You're a soldier, it's who you are.

  • Besides, I'm probably not even gonna make it through surgery.

  • Cool. Then I'll be good to go in about five days,

  • so why are we even having this argument?

  • Why did you come, man?

  • How could I not?

  • God, you're so paranoid.

  • Mr. Covington!

  • Get out.

  • Don't make me throw you out.

What's the recovery period for brain surgery?


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