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  • (birds squawking)

  • - [Man] I knew a few light keepers when there were all kinds

  • of lighthouses around here.

  • My father-in-law was a lighthouse keeper on Brier Island.

  • They started closing them up, closing them up,

  • and people just started disappearing.

  • Some people went to other ones,

  • and some people just stopped,

  • but I think this one was offered to a few people.

  • Not very many took it.

  • So.

  • Well, I get up a-quarter-to-two in the morning.

  • Nice thing about here is, you step out of bed,

  • you're at work. (laughs)

  • Halifax coastguard radio, Halifax coastguard radio,

  • this is Machias Seal Island, Machias Seal Island,

  • gen one nine, come in.

  • There's always something to keep you busy,

  • but you don't have a timetable saying you have to get up

  • this morning and do this, or you have to do that,

  • so you pretty well pick and choose what you wanna do,

  • when you wanna do it,

  • when you can handle what it is you're doing.

  • One shift is 2 A.M. to 10 A.M.,

  • and other shift is two in the afternoon,

  • 'til 10 in the evening.

  • I feel now that, instead

  • of being the keeper of the light out here,

  • you're more of keeper of the island,

  • and looking after it

  • as opposed to just the mechanical systems that are on it.

  • You're only bored out here if you wanna be bored out here.

  • If you're gonna be bored out here,

  • you're gonna be bored anywhere.

  • You just take a walk outside and look.

  • There's always different birds to see,

  • there's always something different going on.

  • You know, you look around,

  • and if it wasn't for the houses and stuff here,

  • you'd think it's the same as it was 10 million years ago.

  • (birds cawing)

  • Pretty quiet in the winter time.

  • The thrill of being out here in a storm is nice.

  • You can get some really nice pictures.

  • I think one of the nicest things is you come out here,

  • and you just kinda escape from reality for a while.

  • This is your little piece of reality,

  • you make it whatever you want it to be.

(birds squawking)


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アイランド・オブ・ワン:灯台守 (Island of One: The Keeper of The Lighthouse)

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