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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 259. Today we are going to look at the difference between morals and ethics. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here.

  • Morals focuses on personal principles or beliefs of right and wrong.

  • Ethics focuses on the behavior of a particular person in a particular situation. And this is one

  • where students often ask me what's the difference between morals and ethics ?

  • Because both of them do have something to do with right and wrong. But morals

  • again, this focuses on personal principles or beliefs. Somebody's, what

  • somebody personally believes. This focuses more on behavior of people in

  • certain situations. So let's continue. So we can show some examples. Ethics is

  • often used in regard to the practices of business, medicine, and law. Yeah. We often

  • might hear this as unethical business practices. Or medicine, sometimes doctors

  • have to study the ethics of medicine basically. You never really hear them say

  • that they study the morals of medicine. It's usually the ethics of medicine. The same thing in

  • law, they might study the ethics of it. .Let's continue. Morals can vary from one

  • society to another or even within the same society. For example, many

  • conservatives the US. may consider abortion to be immoral, but the liberals may consider it to be okay . So this is

  • even within the same society you have you may have different people have

  • different morals of what they believe is right and what they believe is wrong. And

  • of course, in other countries like for example maybe in in India, they think

  • cows are sacred. You can't eat a cow. So they might think that if you, or somebody

  • else ate a cow that might be immoral. So clearly in different countries, they have sometimes

  • have varying morals. But even within the same country, you could have varying

  • morals. So morals is more related to your personal beliefs of what you think is

  • right and wrong. All right. Let's continue here ethics focuses more on correct

  • conduct. Conduct is a more formal word for behavior. Of someone in a professional situation, for example many

  • people would consider it to be unethical for a psychiatrist to start a romantic

  • relationship with his or her patient. Yeah now, in this situation, If, as long as the

  • psychiatrist or the patient is not married, it may not be considered immoral. If they're

  • both consenting adults, you may not consider it immoral but you would

  • consider it to be unethical. Why is it unethical ? Well, for a number of reasons. You

  • don't know if a psychiatrist can really treat the patient the way he's supposed

  • to treat the patient if he's having a romantic relationship. It would probably

  • interfere with his judgment, and there's a very good chance that you might really

  • mess up or screw up the patient even more. So this would really be something

  • that's considered unethical to do. Or I mean, you could think of it the same way

  • in a university teacher was having an affair with one of these students. Again

  • who's maybe above 18 or 19 years old so they might be considered an adult. But

  • because he's in the class and, and he has to give her a grade, this would

  • definitely be considered unethical. Again, assuming that both were consenting

  • adults and neither one was married. Some people might not consider it immoral.

  • Let's continue here. It would also be considered unethical for a doctor to not try to save a critical

  • patient or I should say a patient that's in critical condition. Just so he could

  • use his body parts for other patients waiting for donated organs.

  • Yeah I remember I listened to an interview once of a doctor who said

  • sometimes doctors do this. If you know they came in with a

  • patient using critical condition and they think well you know maybe there's

  • only 30% chance you could save this patient for example. They think well you

  • know maybe don't try so hard. Maybe it might be easier to sell those organs

  • give his organs to somebody else. In this sort of sense, we might say that the the

  • doctors playing God. This would definitely be considered to be unethical. I don't

  • know maybe some people might even consider it immoral at the same time. So

  • sometimes it could you could cross the line for both. But like the other

  • examples I gave it might just be unethical but may not be immoral. Or

  • let's take the last one. If a company knowingly had poisonous

  • substances in their food products and they still produce them and sold them,

  • that would be unethical. Definitely. That would be unethical business practices. Probably it would also cross the line

  • into illegal. Some of these may be illegal some of these may not be illegal.

  • This, this one could possibly be immoral at the same time. But again, we usually

  • use unethical really in reference to conduct, especially a conduct of

  • professional people, in businesses or in law, in medicine where you know this is

  • their. this is their decisions that they have to make and morals focuses more on

  • your personal belief of what you think is right and wrong. And like they say, morals can vary but even some people

  • that may like here, where You might have conservatives and liberals they may have

  • different ideas about what's immoral, Both of them may consider it unethical

  • for a psychiatrist to have a romantic relationship with their patient. So they

  • may even agree on that. Anyway, I hope this kind of clarifies it for you. I hope

  • you can kind of clearly see more of a difference of how we might use the two.

  • Okay. Anyway I hope it's informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 259. Today we are going to look at the difference between morals and ethics. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here.


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