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Oh, they're all pretty!
Choose one!
Oh no, they're all pretty!
Choose one!
I can't choose one, they're all pretty!
Three two one, what's going on everybody
It's Xiaoma
Man, guys
I know you guys all watched the Blackpink video
You know how I know that?
Because you guys literally...
Everybody who watched the Blackpink video
Pretty much everybody
Sent me a message on Instagram, @xiaomanyc, being like...
"Yo, dude"
"You gotta make a video asking people here who the most beautiful Twice member is"
So I said, you know what? Fine!
I will do that video
Because I love you guys
This is the amazing band...
And we're gonna ask people here in New York City today
Who they think the most beautiful Twice member is
And now obviously...
It's not like one of them is really any more beautiful than the other
This is just kind of more of a fun video to see what people's beauty standards here are like...
...from people all around the world
So it should be a really interesting and fun video
And if you guys like the video and you want to see some more K-pop videos
You guys can subscribe and leave a comment...
And today we got...
The most amazing...
...magician in all of Asia!!!
And all of the world as well
That's not...that's not true, but...
It is definitely true
And umm...
Appreciate that!
He is also gonna help us ask some people...
So I'm not doing magic today, I'm also into K-pop!
Just because he's really into K-pop and he was like, dude!
I really want to be on this video to do some K-pop magic with people today...
Well, just asking people how attractive these members are...
Let's go dude!
Do you know who these people are, have you seen them before?
No idea who these people are
So they're members of a band called Twice
It's a really famous K-pop band
And we're just trying to compare beauty standards around the world
And we're trying to see...who people here...
If there's one [member] in particular that would stand out to them and why
I would say her!
Yeah, because she has pretty hair
Pretty hair, yeah, cool
Yeah, I would say her
I would agree with that
There you go!
Sweet, thank you guys so much!
Really appreciate it, thank you guys!
Have you heard of K-pop? Do you know any K-pop bands?
I've heard of it, but I don't really know...
So you want us to pick one?
I'd probably say her
Umm, I don't know, I really like her hair
I don't know, probably her?
I don't know
She looks...
I guess, more American, that's what I'm used to
Sweet, thank you guys so much
Thank you guys
Who do you think is the prettiest of these 9?
I think they're all pretty!
But you have to...
You have to guess one
There's no right or wrong answer...
She's pretty!
She's pretty
I don't know!
I don't know, every one of them is cute!
You have to pick one!
Woman: It's so hard... David: You can pick the same person or you can pick a different person
Pick Mina!
You can't influence her
No, you can't influence my choice!
This is so hard
I think that she's pretty!
And why?
She's the only one not smiling I guess!
She's the only one that's smiling?!
Not smiling!
You don't like the smile?
Well, just because I feel like...
It shows her regular face
Like she's just the most natural
It's just, you know...
Let me take a picture of you
And then you just pose, you just stand there
Take that picture of you, and I think this is the most picture of...her!
I like it!
Thank you so much guys
You're welcome!
And why do you like Tzuyu?
I like her because she's natural
And she has a little smile...
And her pose is very beautiful
Her look is really...beautiful!
You guys are beautiful...
Thank you!
Thanks guys so much, really appreciate it!
Thank you!
David: You know who these girls are, right? Girl: Yeah sure
You also know who these girls are, right?
Are you both Korean?
The question of the day is, uh, who do you think is the prettiest?
Really, okay...
This is a hard question
Yeah, you're gonna offend a lot of people too, so...
Girl: Just personally, right? David: Yeah
I like Sana!
You both pick Sana?
I think...
Her, Dahyun!
And why is that?
She has a pretty smile!
She has a pretty smile
And what about you?
I think she's so cute!
She's so cute!
She's really cute! Okay
Maybe it's her, because of her eyes
Chaeyoung, because of her eyes?
I think she's got a good smile
Jihyo? Yeah, for sure
Yeah, I was gonna say, her smile too
Yeah, yeah
I love her hair, it's different
You don't really see that every day
Xiaoma: Yeah, for sure... Girl: She has purple hair guys!
I kinda like it...
I'd have to pick her here, because you know...
Dahyun? Yeah...
Oh, matching color!
Nice, dude!
Matching twins!
I love it, I love it!
This is from a band called Twice
And we want to see who people here...
...would think is the prettiest of them according to your own beauty standards and why
Oh yeah? Why?
She looks innocent!
Innocent, yeah!
And do you have a...?
An opinion?
Oh, they're all pretty!
Choose one!
Oh no, they're all pretty!
Choose one!
I can't choose one, they're all pretty!
This one this one!
Jihyo is pretty!
She looks innocent!
Innocent, yeah
Which one is your girlfriend?
My girlfriend?
My girlfriend is...I would say...
She's just so, like...
Cute, and...you know, yeah
Thank you guys, thank you!
Do you like Twice?
I like some of their songs...
But I'm not a super huge fan...
So these are the members of Twice...
I'm gonna offend a lot of people...
Why are you making me do this?
I have two, so...
Okay, you can pick two!
Tzuyu, and...and her!
Jihyo, yeah
That's my beauty standard, there's no "why"
I just think they're pretty!
Like they're all really pretty...
But, I think...
Those two are my favorites
Sorry fans of the other girls...
Like, I mean...
He made me do this, I can't really...
I would pick everybody, but...
If I could, so...
Have you seen them before?
Okay, they're called Twice, they're a really famous K-pop band
Is there one of them who you think is the most pretty to you, and why?
They're all beautiful!
I like it!
I like the purple haired one
Some of them just have uniqueness to them, like...
All of them have something different
But they're all gorgeous!
But uh...[we are from] France!
That's fine!
They're from a group called Twice
It's like a Korean K-pop band
And we want to see who people from around the world would pick as the most beautiful of them and why
Ah, the most beautiful?
Yeah, right
Like the prettiest
That's mine also
Get out of here!
And why?
Because uh...they have...
She has curly hair
And she...she's...
She's beautiful!
And what would yours be?
Tzuyu, for sure!
For the hair and the beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes, I love it!
You like her?
Guy: Because... Xiaoma: I like her hair
Her hair
And uh...
This is about a K-pop band called Twice
I've actually heard of them!
You have heard of them?
David: Wait, no way
You're not lying, right?
No, no, I have!
You've actually listened to their songs before?
On YouTube, yeah
What songs?
I trust you guys, but I'm just curious!
It's actually been random, but I don't remember the song...
But I have listened to them
Is there like one that stands out to you as being particularly beautiful...
Or attractive...
And why
Wow, because like her...what's her name?
Jihyo, yeah
I don't know...she just looks pretty, her hair...
But I feel like they're all beautiful, they're all...
I know, they're all stunning, yeah...
Are they all different people...?
Uh, yes, yes, they are
They look like twins!
I like her hair, I like Momo!
Momo? A lot of people actually say Momo today, yeah
The hair?
Yeah, she looks like the outgoing one
Outgoing? Yeah
She's the outgoing one, yeah
With her hair...she's the only one with the colored hair
And then what's...your opinion?
They're all beautiful!
You can only pick one, I'm sorry!
This one!
Why? I don't know, it just looks casual
Casual, yeah
Laid back, right
Do you want to pick one?
Who's your favorite?
I like her hair!
The hair, yeah!
Cool, thank you! Thank you so much!
You're welcome!
Really appreciate it guys, thank you!
David, that was...
Freaking awesome, man!
What do you think about that?
Jihyo is freaking...
Yeah, I think she definitely has one of the most votes
Yeah, I agree
Tzuyu as well
Tzuyu for sure dude, yeah
I mean the thing is though, it's so hard to say because, you know
They're all obviously really [beautiful]
Like I love Jeongyeon's look, like...
Nayeon, they're all just so stunning to me
You know, and obviously this isn't to say that one of them is really so much more beautiful than the other
But I just think it's interesting to see what people here...
Everybody has their own personal opinion
And I feel like...
So some people relate them to like...
For example, if they have a certain hair color
Or hair type, they relate to that person
So it's a little biased, but...
It is what it is
Cool guys! Well anyway
Thanks so much for watching
And remember to subscribe
And also you guys can check out David's awesome Instagram
Where he does all kinds of...magic and stuff
Like, literally he can make things disappear
Like for example he's gonna make me disappear right now
Ready? 3, 2, 1...
How did he do that?
He made me disappear
That was amazing
Xiaoma: And that was a really bad ending... David: That was all me...
Okay guys!
We'll see you next time, bye bye!


ニューヨークで調査!一番外国人にモテるTWICEメンバーは誰?(Asking Americans to Pick The Most Beautiful TWICE Member?!)

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