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- Everybody knows about Hyde Park and Regent's Park but
there's another great park in London called Victoria Park
and I'm here with my friend Karolina
and we are going to show you around Victoria Park
and show you some of the best things to do
if you come for a visit.
(upbeat music)
- So Victoria Park was built in 1841
and it was the first public park in London.
Because the East London area was really poor
and there was a lot of sickness,
so the council decided that the green space
would actually help people.
- And now during present day,
more than nine million people visit this park a year.
So here are some of the things that you can do
in Victoria Park, starting with Pavilion Cafe
where we've had quite a few meals now together.
- Yeah, it's lovely.
- Uh, and then, you can talk (laughs)
- So Pavilion Cafe is lovely.
It's in the middle of Victoria Park where you can
find lovely scenes and watch people go by.
It serves amazing coffee
and their famous Sri Lankan breakfast, and they're vegan,
and vegetarian-friendly
- And after you have your food at Pavilion Cafe,
you can go to the lake that's right next door
and there's paddle boats and I think row boats
and spend an hour out on the water
taking in all of the views of
your surrounding. - Yeah you can bring your food
and have a picnic in a boat. - Yes.
(upbeat music)
- Victoria Park is actually next to the Regent's Canal
where you can see a lot of barge boats.
You can have a lovely walk.
The Regent's Canal is really famous.
It can take you all the way to Camden,
London Zoo and up to West London.
(girls squeal in awe)
- Aw, hello. - Oh its so cute.
- I love these dogs. - Aw, so small.
- Let us next to the dog.
And my favorite thing in Victoria Park is Sunday Market.
It's lovely, it starts from 10 till four o'clock
and you can get all sorts of food,
different cuisines, fast, healthy, whatever you want.
- I got really good vegan cheese there once.
Throughout Victoria Park, there are a few tree walks
and beyond just like looking really pretty
and being very aesthetically pleasing,
they're actually lined with trees that are quite exotic
and are from different parts of the world.
So you can walk along, take some photos
and also check the boards that are nearby these tree walks
and it tells you where the trees are from,
what their names are and more information about them.
(upbeat music)
- We also have one of the biggest London festivals
called All Points East that launched last year.
It's a festival in May happening over two weeks
with lots of free activities,
you can go to like the open-air cinema to free music,
definitely check it out.
And near Victoria Park, you can find Victoria Village
which is the area full of restaurants, shops
and you can also find famous local ice cream
called Hackney Gelato.
(upbeat music)
And this beautiful feature behind us used to be a public
drinking fountain donated by one of the richest women in UK.
So, poor East Londoners could drink fresh water.
(upbeat music)
- Thank you Karolina for going around
in Victoria Park with us and if you want more tips
for your trip to London, then you can click the box
that's popping up right below us here
for more tips and tricks and things to do.
- So that happened hey - Get back here,
we're on a schedule.
- One of the richest womens.
Should I say?
- Perfect, that was so good.
- I'm getting better at this. - One take.



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