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This is exciting.
You're here on a big day.
First of all, it's a wonderful show, and also I've got new doors.
Look at that!
Aren't they great?
Yeah, Sears is going out of business, so I got them.
They were on sale.
Because I like to change things up.
So now I can put anything on there that I want.
I can have fireworks behind me if I want fireworks like that.
Yeah, I could have Dory on there if I wanted Dory.
I can make it look like I'm on People's Court if I wanted to.
I have to be taller.
I didn't see that it wouldn't be in context.
I would just...
I don't really look like I'm on People's Court.
Anyway, I like to change things up in the way that we do things.
Like for instance, midterm elections are next week.
And I want to talk about it in a fun way, you know, because that's the way we should talk about things.
So I brought some kids here, and I'm going to talk to them about politics and voting.
So let's open up my brand new doors.
Bring out the kids.
Hey, guys!
Hey, Ellen.
Hello, everybody.
How are y'all doing?
Was that fun?
You were on a little ride, coming......oh, do you have a question?
What is it?
Like most of the time when I see you, I watch your shows and stuff and like...
And now...and now you're on.
You're here.
Isn't that great?
So we're going to talk about politics.
Kids love to talk about politics.
Have you all been discussing politics lately?
In school.
I have.
You have?
I have in school.
You've been discussing politics?
Yeah, and we've been discussing about the president and the government and how...
Wait, me too.
The new President Donald Trump is kind of, sort of...
And we were explaining that you should let everybody, every type of race be free.
Yes, everybody should be free.
That's right, Jason.
Ok, so have you seen political ads on TV?
Let's start with you down here.
Brice and Avery, you're twins, right?
Ok, all right, so have you seen political ads on TV?
Either of you?
Do you watch TV?
Yeah, what do you watch?
We like Lion Guard.
And cartoons and movies.
We like Lion Guard the most.
All right, it's like politics already.
All right, Ashley, have you seen political ads on TV?
Yeah, there was this one guy.
He was talking about Donald Trump.
He was just saying like how he could have changed stuff.
Yeah, you know, there's mid-term elections next week.
Do you know about voting?
Remember the show you did with Aaron Gordon?
You had like a little basketball court thing.
Kids, kids, you're both pretty.
Stop it.
I was going to be in like a free form, but I'm going to try to guide this.
I think that's a better idea.
So here's what I'm going...
I'll try to explain the voting to you.
So let's say we're voting on ice cream.
Who here... raise your hand if you like chocolate ice cream.
All right, who likes vanilla ice cream?
Ok, Zane, here's $10.
All right...
No fair.
Come on!
Oh, come on.
Zane, will you now vote for vanilla?
I would.
Will I still keep the $10?
You better make a decision.
All right, so we'll vote again.
Who wants chocolate ice cream?
Not anymore.
Zane, you got to vote for vanilla or you don't get that.
Do you really don't want to money?
Yeah, give me that back.
You don't know anything about...
Oh, come on.
You just wasted your chance.
Ashley, yeah.
I wish we could use chocolate chip, too.
It's called lobbying, and that's what just happened right there.
So she's changed to...
This was such a good idea in the room.
I love vanilla.
I love vanilla, too.
All right, ok, let's move on to something else I want to talk about.
Wait, I'm keeping it?
All right, so in Virginia, they might make it illegal for kids over 12 to trick or treat.
That is so unfair.
I need free candy.
Yes, so you would go out there and you would vote no.
You can't change the law, so that kids over 12 can't trick or treat, right, because you care about that?
People need free candy.
And you could get it for free.
Now you understand what we're all feeling.
That's how we feel.
Avery, don't hit your brother in the head.
We're not trying to do math.
That's a lie!
Listen, this has been a joy.
It's confirmed my decision in life.



【エレンの部屋】爆笑!子どもと選挙討論! (Ellen Talks to Kids About Voting)

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