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Everyone's heard the age-old question: what's your sign?
When people say "sign," it's assumed that they mean someone's sun sign,
which is all the majority of people know about astrology.
Sun signs are a simple aspect of astrology. It mainly refers to the position of the sun
at a person's birth.
Although, astrology is very complex. Since different planets mean different things for our personality,
sun signs provide a basic description of one's self, ego, and identity.
The twelve sun signs, also known as zodiacs, are:
and Pisces.
Aries, the ram.
Aries are very enthusiastic and energetic.
However, under their natural optimism
may lie insecurity, due to their desire to succeed. They are go-getters
with a need for adventure and independence,
but can get moody, impulsive, and selfish.
Because of their low tolerance of boredom, Aries make great leaders.
Taurus, the bull.
Taurus are the most loyal people you'll ever meet.
They are patient, persistent, generous,
and even have a romantic side.
But they can tend to be exceptionally stubborn,
materialistic, and somewhat lazy.
Despite that, Taurus make great friends, and will
surely protect those they love.
Gemini, the twins.
Gemini are highly intelligent and clever.
They're witty, charming, and naturally flirty.
Gemini are flexible, but also superficial, since they can be flighty,
emotionally distant, devious, and somewhat two-faced.
Their two-facedness comes from their desire to please everyone.
Overall though, Gemini are interesting people with great enthusiasm,
who will always bring a good time with them wherever they go.
Cancer, the crab.
Cancer are very sensitive.
They're loyal, dependable, and caring.
Since they're extremely protective of their friends and family,
they may be very clingy.
They also have a tendency to be moody,
self-pitying, and self-absorbed.
Cancer are one of the hardest signs to understand,
but generally, they are one of the kindest Zodiac signs.
Leo, the lion.
Leos are bold, ambitious, and encouraging.
They know what they want, and when they want it.
They are generous and confident,
though perhaps, sometimes, a little too confident.
Their confidence can lead them to be vain,
pretentious, and melodramatic.
Although they are independent,
they prefer to have an audience to admire them.
Consequently, they make exciting friends with their
outgoing and social nature.
Virgo, the virgin.
Virgos are hard-working, analytical, and observing,
but while they're very reliable and precise in their work,
Virgos can be fussy and inflexible.
As one of the more reserved Zodiac signs,
Virgos can also be cold and rather skeptical.
But once you warm up to them,
they're great friends you can trust, and look to for advice.
Libra, the balance.
Libras are peaceful, and somewhat lazy.
They come off as warm and friendly people.
They're flirty, idealistic, and can see every side
to an argument, but that doesn't stop them
from being one of the most indecisive Zodiac signs.
Libras can also be superifical, vain, and unreliable,
making others do their dirty work for them.
But generally, they're one of the most relaxing Zodiac signs to be around.
Scorpio, the scorpion.
Scorpios are very independent. They're ambitious,
passionate, and resourceful.
Although most Scorpios have an unyielding nature,
they're actually very emotional.
Scorpios also need to be in control,
which leads to their constant possessiveness and jealousy.
They can also be very moody, and manipulative.
At the end of the day, however, Scorpios are very loyal and trustworthy,
so don't be afraid to tell them a secret.
Sagittarius, the archer.
As one of the more adventurous Zodiac signs,
Sagittarius are always up for a good time,
with their energetic yet optimistic personality.
They are very independent,
and love learning about new things.
Sagittarius are very flighty, and rather unemotional,
as they put logic over feelings.
Although they can be reckless,
Sagittarius make fun friends with their selflessness
and overall geniality.
Capricorn, the goat.
Capricorns are very responsible. They're independent,
helpful, and intriguing, but they may lack imagination
due to their hard-working temperament.
They can also be somewhat stern and melancholy at times.
This, however, makes them very organized,
and good at time management.
Overall, Capricorns are very sympathetic,
caring, and have a unique sense of humor.
Aquarius, the water bearer.
Aquarius are progressive thinkers.
They're all about change and ideas.
Aquarius are witty, and sarcastic, so they always have a joke to tell you.
They can be rebellious, stubborn,
emotionally detached, and aloof,
since they're always trying to be different.
Aquarius are intellectually driven, however,
so if you ever need help, or someone to conspire with,
call an Aquarius.
Pisces, the fishes.
Pisces can be very clingy.
They always need someone to keep them grounded.
Pisces may be oversensitive, but
that just means they're extremely dedicated to
helping out friends.
Pisces are very intuitive, imaginative,
and adaptable.
They love adventure, so your friendship with a Pisces
will surely be fulfilling.
Now that you know the characteristics of each Zodiac,
what's your Zodiac sign?
Do you think your Zodiac's characteristics match your own?
Comment your answers down below.
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Thanks for watching, and have a wonderful day.


12 Zodiac Signs and What They Say About You

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