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Hello, hosts and future hosts of the world.
I'm Marcella, and welcome to the Funky Loft.
I'm an actor, and I've been acting since basically forever.
In 2013, I started the Funky Loft in downtown LA as my own little bed and breakfast.
Then I moved to New York, and I brought the Funky Loft with me to Brooklyn.
Over the years, I've learned so much about hosting a private room.
Here are my tips for hosting a private room on Airbnb.
The most important thing with all of this, is to make sure that you are actually comfortable with sharing your space with others.
If you are someone who values privacy over everything, well, then maybe don't open up your home.
If you're a sociable person; if you like meeting other people, this is a really, really great way for you to do that.
I love that my roommates are guests from all over the world.
Let everyone know what to expect with your home, and ask them "Please, please, please read the house rules."
It's important because you have boundaries.
Everybody has boundaries. And when people are coming from all over the world, from different cultures, you want to let them know "Hey, when we're in my space, this is the commonality that we all use."
For me, what I do, is I write all of my house rules on the listing as well as under the house rules on Airbnb.
The house rules are going to evolve as you make mistakes.
So you'll start learning as you go.
It's so important to actually be there for every guest check-in.
As a host, it's really nice to meet every guest because you're getting to know who you're sharing your space with.
You know, you can ask them any questions if you were unsure or uncomfortable.
If you're starting this out and you do have any questions, it's a great way for you yourself to go:
"Oh! I like these people! This is awesome; please come in. I feel better already."
Set boundaries and clear expectations so that everyone is comfortable in the space.
Make sure guests know which spaces are private, and which spaces are for everyone.
The refrigerator is always a tricky thing when you're sharing it with guests.
So with all the different shelves in your refrigerator, separate them.
If you're worried about security or have valuables in your home, then get a safe.
Get a lockbox.
Have one room that's under lock and key just with you.
I designed this space for everyone to be comfortable and want to hang out in it.
So have a comfy couch.
Have some great music playing.
Have a great dining table so people will want to have breakfast together.
I love that if I wanted to, I could just come downstairs and hang out with someone from halfway around the world.
My favorite part of being a private room host is coming home to a big family.
Just to wrap it up, here's how to share your space with strangers.
I'm Marcella, and I'm a host in Brooklyn.



AirBnB 家を貸すときのポイント (How to Share your Space with Strangers | How to Host | Airbnb)

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