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  • In this American English pronunciation


  • video, we're going to learn how to pronounce


  • the UH as in PUSH vowel.


  • To make this sound, the corners of the lips


  • come in a little so the lips flare away


  • from the face, UH.


  • The back of the tongue lifts towards the back

    舌の先は下がったままですが、 少し後ろに引っ張られるかもしれません。

  • of the roof of the mouth. The front of the


  • tongue remains down, but it might be pulled

    この音を、クローズアップと スローモーションで見てみましょう。

  • slightly back, so it's not quite touching the

    唇が突き出され、他の母音に比べて 口の中は暗く見えます。

  • back of the bottom front teeth.


  • Let's look at this sound up close and in


  • slow motion.


  • The lips flare and the tongue inside the

    舌の後方は上に上がり、 舌の前方は少し後ろに引かれます。

  • mouth is a little darker than on other

    強調された音節では、 母音は上がって下がるカーブを描きます。

  • vowels because the tongue is pulled back.

    Took, uh.

  • Here's the word 'took'. The corners of the

    強調されない音節では、音程が低く平らになり、 静かで速くなります。

  • mouth come in to flare the lips. The back

    good-byeという単語では、強調されません。 uh, uh.

  • of the tongue lifts, and the front pulls

    この単語をクローズアップと スローモーションで見てみましょう。

  • back a little.

    再び、唇がめくれて、 舌の後ろが上に上がり、

  • In a stressed syllable, the vowel curves up


  • then down. Took, uh. In an unstressed


  • syllable, it's lower and flatter in pitch,

    強調されたバージョンが上で、 強調されないバージョンが下です。

  • as well as quieter and quicker. The vowel


  • is unstressed in the word 'good-bye', uh, uh.


  • Let's look at this word up close


  • and in slow motion.

    よりリラックスしていて、 きちんとした口の形を取りません。

  • Again, the lips flare and the tongue lifts in the

    この場合は、唇がそんなにめくれず、 顎もあまり下がっていないように見えます。

  • back, pulling back the front of the tongue.


  • Let's compare the stressed version on


  • top with the unstressed version on

    強調されたUHです。 took, UH

  • the bottom. Notice the lips flare a little

    強調されない時。 good-bye, uh

  • less for the unstressed vowel, hiding the

    UH, uh. UH, uh.

  • bottom teeth.


  • Generally, the unstressed version of a vowel

    Could, book, firewood, sugar, childhood, woman.

  • or diphthong is more relaxed and doesn't

    00:03:31,310 --> 00:03:34,780

  • take the full mouth position, in this case,

    00:03:34,780 --> 00:03:37,030

  • a little less lip flare, and possibly less jaw

  • drop. This is because unstressed syllables

  • are shorter, so we don't take the time to

  • make the full mouth position.

  • The stressed UH: took, UH

  • Unstressed: good-bye, uh

  • UH, uh. UH, uh.

  • Example words. Repeat with me:

  • Could, book, firewood, sugar, childhood, woman.

  • I hope this video helps you understand

  • this sound. That's it, and thanks so much

  • for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation



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