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Mallorca a beautiful island that's been tarnished with an 18s to 30s reputation
but there is so much more to it. Some of the best and most popular things to do in Mallorca
might involve a bit of travelling. Because we are covering Palma, Alcúdia, Caves, Santa
Ponsa Water Park and even trying a bit of the food. First up though is Palma, the island's
capital and there is a lot of great things to say about it.
It's got art and architecture to rival Barcelona and cafes that give Paris a run for it's
That's not even mentioning the bohemian market scene, the stunning harbour that's dotted
with restaurants that specialise in, of course, fish. There's also Bellver Castle which is absolutely
We realise this barely scratches the surface on Palma, but we 100% recommend it.
Alcudia is a resort in the north of the island that is equally touristy as it is one for rubbing
shoulders with the locals.
There is a great beach with cafes, bars and restaurants, not to mention a stunning harbour
where you can get yourself a great cocktail, so I hear.
On top of all of that is Alcudia old town. It's about a bus journey or a cab ride inland
and you'll find winding alleyways,
boutiques and cafes all inside medieval city walls.
There's even a bull ring.
Of course we can't talk about Mallorca without mentioning the beach. We don't have time today to
go into detail, but we do have a whole video on beaches in Mallorca, so give that a watch.
We recommend that you try some of the local food. We managed to bag ourselves a
vegetarian Mallorcan dish, it was a very welcome change.
It was called Tumbet, which is basically vegetables fried in oil and baked with a tomato sauce,
so easy to replicate at home.
Each of these different vegetables require a different cooking time. The aubergines in
particular need to be cooked last because they require the highest heat with the oil
in the pan
and you must use olive oil and very fresh vegetables, apparently.
Western Water Park near Magaluf is about a 10 minute drive from Santa Ponsa and is kind of cool.
Our fixer went on the rides with a GoPro for us, because we decided not to get wet,
so what a legend.
But if you want to get really cool, both figuratively and literally, you will have to go see Drach
Caves, it is amazing. We highly recommend turning up early because the queue gets
It's barely 10am and already the queue is pretty big and this is a short queue.
The tours go once an hour, every hour
and we were told it would be a little bit quieter at 10am
but it's already really filling up.
Our advice is actually to book in advance. When you do get in there you will be wandering through
all these stalactites and stalagmites that are huge and mind-blowing. Before being treated
to a classical music concert on a subterranean lake.
So, just seen the classical concert and it was amazing.
The acoustics in here are phenomenal, the sound is so cool.
And then the boat trip, we're just heading to the exit now which is really sad.
For a bit more in depth information about these things then check out our video about the Drach
Caves and the Western Water Park. Yep, thank you for watching and don't forget
to subscribe, Bye-Bye, Bye.


5 Top Things To Do in MALLORCA

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