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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother, George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.
Mummy Pig at Work
Mummy Pig is working on her computer.
Daddy Pig is making soup for lunch.
Daddy, can we go and watch Mummy on her computer?
Yes, as long as you don't disturb her.
She has a lot of important work to do today.
Thank you, Daddy!
Mummy Pig has a lot of important work to do.
Mummy, can George and I sit on your lap and watch you work?
Yes, if you both sit quietly.
Peppa and George loved to watch Mummy work on the computer.
Mummy, can we play the computer game, Happy Mrs. Chicken?
We can play Happy Mrs. Chicken later, but now I have to work.
Mummy, can we help you work?
No, Peppa! You mustn't touch the computer.
And, George, you mustn't touch the computer, either.
Yes, George, you mustn't do this.
Peppa! Stop!
Sorry, Mummy.
I was just showing George what not to do.
Oh, dear, the computer is not meant to do that.
Daddy Pig!
Daddy Pig!
What is it, Mummy Pig?
Daddy Pig, can you mend the computer?
-Um... -I'll finish the lunch while you mend the computer.
Uh, right you are, Mummy Pig.
But I'm not very good with these things.
Oh, thank you, Daddy Pig.
Daddy Pig is going to mend the computer.
Um, maybe if I just switch it off and then switch it on again.
Daddy Pig has mended the computer.
Hooray, Daddy!
Yes. I am a bit of an expert at these things.
Daddy, can we play the computer game, Happy Mrs. Chicken?
Maybe you should ask Mummy Pig.
Mummy said that we could play it later.
Well, that's okay, then.
But I don't know where the disc is.
Now it's my turn!
Now it's my turn.
What on earth is going on?
Well, I see the computer is working again.
♪Peppa Pig♪
♪Peppa Pig♪
♪Peppa Pig♪



【Easy シリーズ】【ペッパピッグ】「ペッパとお母さんのパソコン」 (Peppa Pig Season 1 Episode 7 - Mummy Pig at Work - Cartoons for Children)

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