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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Adverb Phrase 13. Yeah. The Adverb Phrase today

  • is by design. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If we say that something

  • happened by design or happened or occurred by design, it was done on purpose.

  • Somebody had a special intention to make this thing happen. So somebody had the

  • intention of making a particular thing happen. It was done by design. Somebody

  • designed it. Somebody, somebody was behind making this occurrence come about. Okay.

  • So let's take a look at several examples here. Example number one. This did not

  • happen by accident or coincidence, but rather by design. Someone is behind this.

  • Yeah. So that's how we often use it. So we will use it in situations where like

  • some people might think well this was just happened by coincidence. This was by

  • accident. You didn't think anybody was really behind planning it but maybe

  • somebody else might say this somebody might be suspicious. Something seems

  • wrong with this. This doesn't seem right. I don't think this happened naturally.

  • This seems like it was done by design. So maybe somebody secretly you know,

  • planning something that made it happen. So that's the way we often use by design.

  • All right. Number two. Some conspiracy theorists think that some storms were

  • not an act of nature , but instead formed by design. Yeah. You know, in the past you

  • might have seen this. I know that if you've ever heard of HAARP, sometimes you

  • might think governments might be able to influence some weather or control some

  • weather. Have you ever heard of the term of like a weather warfare or anything

  • like that. Then maybe that they have the power to intensify some storms. So maybe

  • somebody might be suspicious of a particular storm for a certain reason

  • and they might think that it wasn't really as natural as it was made to seem.

  • So they might think that, that you know, this was done by design. Maybe this

  • wasn't just nature. That/s's another way that you could hear

  • it used . Number three. Her success was more accidental and not by design. This

  • is a different way that we could use it. Meaning that you know maybe it's true.

  • Once in a while somebody becomes famous by accident. They weren't planning on it.

  • They didn't have the intention to do it but somehow they got thrown into the

  • spotlight and they became famous. So in that case , it really was not by design. So

  • this ... Okay. So it was you know just pure luck or by accident. Sometimes we

  • could say it that way too. All right number four. These protests are not

  • grassroots. Remember grassroots means you know, like when you feel that the, the

  • people naturally formed them themselves. You know, they had some bad feelings and

  • they gathered and they, they used all their resources and they did it on their

  • own. So they're saying these protests are not grassroots or natural, but was formed

  • and funded by design. So they ... somebody again somebody is behind it. Somebody's

  • paying for it. To make it happen. Someone with another agenda. Even though they,

  • they seem to be protesting this. But there might even be another reason

  • behind these protests. Was behind organizing them and supplying money and

  • transportation for them. So there may even be supplying buses to bring the

  • protesters in. There are cases where they found it proven that some protesters are

  • actually being paid . There have been advertisements on Craigslist that they

  • would pay people to protest. So in this case, it's not really natural. It's not

  • grassroots. It's , it's happening by design. Somebody is behind it. That's what they

  • mean by design. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope you got a better understanding of

  • the adverb phrase. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Adverb Phrase 13. Yeah. The Adverb Phrase today


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