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- Our lunches are like-- - A little bit like Buzz and Woody eating normal food.
[whimsical music]
What is the best thing about playing Woody and Buzz?
For Buzz, I still think how authentic he is.
You do character this much, you begin to be kind of like the character.
All your roles affect you, but when you go home, I said, man I hope I'm as good a guy as Woody is.
You're Bonnie's toy.
You are going to help create happy memories that will last for the rest of her life.
Huh, what?
So what is the best part of making "Toy Story 4"?
Well, you get to work with these characters that people enjoy already and that we love.
And we want to take care of them and also test them.
And there's just this already built-in love for them.
What makes a best friend a best friend?
How am I your best friend, Mark?
So Josh is there for me no matter what happens.
The one who is always there with advice but no judgment, only loving support.
What is one of the best interactions you've had with a fan throughout the years?
Other parents say, hey, Walter, you know, this is Buzz Lightyear.
And he looks at me.
He goes, uh-huh dad, you know, and you're Santa Claus.
He says no, that would be me, too.
I make them close their eyes.
And they go like this.
And I say, OK, now think of Woody.
Just think of Woody. OK.
I said, (Woody voice) ride like the wind, Bullseye!
And they always go--
It is you!
Who would be the best toy to bring on a road trip?
Need I...?
Woody is kind of the bomb.
But, you know, he's my guy.
I've always loved Slinky, for whatever reason.
Such a loyal-- such a loyal dog.
I find Slinky Dog overrated--
OK. Yeah.
As soon as he gets bent once, man, and it is hard to make that--
Wow, remember that, and they get like this?
- Yeah, I know. - Yeah, yeah.
Buzz Lightyear.
- That's me. - Great.
Barrel of monkeys.
- Take a barrel of monkeys. - OK, all right.
Or the soldiers?
But on the other hand, you know what, I have to say Potato Head's not a bad idea.
Look, I'll go with Forky now, because you can--you know, you can remake him.
He's got poseable-- the poseable arms.
So what I'm hearing is all of them?
Throw them all in a duffel bag and let them sort it out themselves.
Bonnie had a great day in class, and we're going on a road trip.
Road trip?
[bouncy music]



【映画で英語】注目の『トイ・ストーリー 4 』豪華声優インタビュー(The Best of the Best: Toy Story 4 Edition | Pixar)

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