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Hey guys, its JR!
Today, I want to challenge you to a question
And this is a question that we all should be asking ourselves every once in a while
And that question is--
"What's next?"
You see when we were kids.
We all imagined how school would be like.

Is it gonna be scary?
Is it gonna be fun?
Are we gonna make new friends?
Hi, can I be your friend?
No, you're ugly!
And then we go through these different stages of education
Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school...
And high school's sort of that peak where you really want to get over with 'cos you know...
all those tests, exams, stress...
We've all been through that
But then you make it into college which is a brand new start
A time when you're semi-independent
which you have this amazing...
or miserable four years
Either way, after college you start thinking to yourself...
"Should I go to grad school?"
Should I pursue higher education?
Or should I enter the workforce?
Like I did
Anyhow, up to this point, so far in each stage of life there has always been a next phase
There has always been something new
There has always been a new hope
There has always been something you could look forward to
Something that'll just come along the way and happen when the right time comes
time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time...
But now you're in the workforce
All of a sudden, there is no next phase
All of a sudden there is nothing pre-plotted out for you for the remaining time of your life
There is no one out there to tell you what you should do
Before this you were just living by a blueprint that the system has drawn up for you
And now you have to start thinking for yourself
And that's something that we weren't trained for
So what's next?
When I was in college, my dad would often compare me to my (bleep)
And my (bleep), they were super duper smart
They were brilliant students going to top universities
Their futures were promising!
Everything that I was not!
So I hated being compared to them
And so I would always talk back to my dad in a rebellious tone saying like...
So?? They're going to a top university
They're probably gonna end up working at (bleep)
Best in the industry!
A couple years from now, they're probably gonna get married to their nice girlfriends
And then a couple years later they're gonna have kids, a family
They're probably gonna buy a nice house, a fancy sports car
And you know what?
To pay off the mortgage, they're gonna have to work even harder.
So? Tell me, what's next?
I would always get my dad at that point
And my dad would say back to me in a gentle tone saying, ...
"You know son, that's just the way life is."
And I would say,...
"Well no, that is not the way I want my life to be."
By the way, my (bleep), they have great lives
It's just not for me
Fast forward several years later to now.
Now I'm in the workforce.

I wouldn't say everything worked out for me all that well, but...
you know, life is good,...
life is OK
Life has been treating me fair enough
I'm getting by
But more recently...
that same old question that I've been asking my dad
has been slapping me right back in the face like...

What is next?
You're a YouTuber!
You're living the dream job
You're making a dent in the universe
You have 500k subs
Well we're almost there. Bear with me.
Remember to subscribe
And ring that bell
You know, yeah, I wouldn't trade it for anything
But still, in my mind, I can't help myself but ask...
"What's next?"
There is definitely a lot I could do to improve with my career
But what's after 500k
What's after 1 million subs?
What's after I get the golden plate?
If I ever do get it
What's after I cut more deals?
What's after I reach out to more people?
What's after I finish writing this book?
It comes out next summer, by the way.
Remember to buy it or else I'll punch you.

Just kidding
There has got to be a next phase.
But this time no one has it thought-out for you
This time you're on your own
And I bet a lot of you are pounding your chest like...
He gets me... He gets me...
No matter how good life is...
or bad...
There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of staying stuck at where you are right now
'Cos people are meant to make progress
People are meant to live raising levels
People are meant to embrace new hope
And without that life is kind of scary
Not that I'm trying to scare you, but I'm challenging you.
I'm challenging us to think deeper, to think one step ahead
What's next?
Even if you have the most crystal-clear purpose, goal, vision...
that doesn't mean you don't feel lost sometimes
Sometimes we get lost halfway
Sometimes we feel lost halfway
But it's these moments and the decisions we make that make who we are to become
And the moment you stop questioning yourself...
the moment you settle with reality...
the moment you stop making progress...
the moment you stop raising your level in life
In the words of Ronald Reagan...
"There are no constraints on the human mind"
"no walls around the human spirit"
"no barriers to our progress"
"except those we ourselves erect."
The mind is a driving force
And so starting today, ask yourself...
"What's next?"
And that is my challenge to you for a better future
(Remember to....... )
Remember to subscribe and...
(Look at the camera... )
ring the bell and...
JR's Facebook
(Not Facebook... )

(And what do you have to say... ?)
Because he's ugly


after few years

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