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  • Hello fellow health and science hackers

  • this is Antony Reed.

  • Welcome to Brain Spanking News

  • In this episode we're going to be talking about Whole Foods "Vitamin C Complex"

  • Why it's a scam and why synthetic vitamin C is as natural as your birthday-suit

  • Then stick around because I'm going to show you how to get the most nutrient-dense vegetables

  • And their not from your produce section

  • Thanks for joining me here at Brain Spanking News

  • I'm Antony Reed and today, I'm probably going to be ticking off some

  • People here on the Inter-Webs with some good 'ol fashioned health science

  • So you may have come across videos or articles, as I have

  • Claiming that ascorbic acid is not "real" vitamin C

  • And claiming the only way that you can get actual vitamin C is through a

  • Whole foods vitamin C complex

  • And it just so happens that those articles and those videos

  • Usually point you to someone who's selling that product

  • They say that in nature, what we know as vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is just a container

  • Holding a whole bunch of other goodies inside of a plant

  • They claim that ascorbic acid, due to its acidity, may have some benefit

  • But unless it's packed with these other goodies

  • it doesn't really have much of a health benefit

  • Albert Szent-Györgyi, discoverer of vitamin C

  • And Nobel prize winner for doing so said

  • What he discovered was ascorbic acid, and nothing else

  • In fact, the vitamin C deficiency disease, scurvy, can only be cured by ascorbic acid,

  • and nothing else

  • In this whole vitamin C complex

  • And while it may be true that plants use ascobic acid

  • As a way to keep goodies inside their cells

  • To do, maybe what the plants need to do

  • Is this really the only place in nature that we find vitamin C?

  • What they don't tell you, is that, aside from humans, guinea pigs

  • Most primates and a few species of fruit bats

  • All other animals, including spiders, elephants, worms

  • Birds, fish... create their own vitamin C in their livers

  • How do they do this if they don't have the vitamin C complex?

  • And what form of vitamin C do they create?

  • A whole foods complex?

  • No, it's simply ascorbic acid...

  • Vitamin C

  • Now you may think, fine... so we don't need a vitamin C complex

  • But isn't there some difference between a natural form of vitamin C found in nature

  • And something created synthetically in a lab

  • Now of course it's a great idea to get as many of your vitamins

  • And minerals as you can from good, whole, unprocessed foods

  • But whether or not vitamin C is made in a goat's liver or in a lab

  • As long as it 's the same chemical structure it is the same thing

  • The molecular structure for vitamin C is C6-H8-O6

  • Now as long as those atoms are in the right amount, in the right place, and the right

  • number

  • It's vitamin C

  • If you want to learn more on how high-dose vitamin C can truly change your life

  • Check out the description below I've added a bunch of links just for you

  • Now, as promised here's a health hack to show you how you can get the most

  • Nutrient-dense vegetables for you and your family

  • Whenever possible, buy your veggies from the freezer section

  • Rather than the produce section

  • The reason is, the veggies that are in your produce section

  • Were picked 2 to 4 weeks prior to being delivered to your grocery store

  • And it's during this period, the ripening period, when the vegetables

  • Soak up the most nutrients from the plant

  • Therefore, regular vegetables are much less

  • Nutrient-dense then their fellow frozen counterparts

  • Primarily because, their frozen cousins are actually picked at pique ripeness

  • And flash-frozen so that it keeps all the goodness inside

  • Well that about wraps it up for the day

  • So if you enjoyed this video and you got something good out of it

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  • Or a question or even if you have a topic that you'd like us to cover

  • Please do so.

  • We just want to hear back from you guys

  • And be sure to stop by our website

  • Thanks for watching, and we'll see you soon

Hello fellow health and science hackers


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