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  • I've got Christi from Backpacking Bananas with me here today.

    今日は Backpacking Bananas の クリスティを一緒に迎えています。

  • And we are going to talk about how to beat jet lag when you're traveling internationally.


  • Kick its butt, jet lag!


  • We've got another video over on Christi's channel that is about how to survive these long-haul flights.


  • So, I'll give you guys the link to that in a little bit.


  • So, you can start to combat jet lag before you even get on the plane.


  • What I usually do is try to adjust my sleeping schedule about a few days before we even take off.


  • For example, like, if you're coming over to London from the UK [sic], then obviously, we're a few hours ahead.

    例えば、もしアメリカ("US" の言い間違い)からロンドンに来る場合は、もちろんロンドンはアメリカより数時間早いですね。

  • So, start getting up earlier and going to bed earlier so you are starting to adjust your sleep schedule.


  • Even if it's halfway there, and then you can do the other half the other side of the trip; it will just make it so much easier.


  • It's absolutely vital once you're on the flight that you get as much sleep as possible.


  • It's never easy to sleep on a flight, and so, the more sleep you get, the less you're gonna need when you get off.


  • For me, I don't think that that necessarily will stop you from sleeping when you get off the plane, but yeah, just get as much as you can.


  • It's a hard thing to do, but the more you get, the better you're gonna feel.


  • Here's how I try to get as much sleep as possible.


  • First of all, I make sure that I drink as much water as I can, but also not too much water because otherwise I'm gonna have to get up and pee every five seconds.


  • Which is not good, especially if you don't have an aisle seat.


  • Um, yeah, climbing over people is not the most convenient thing to do on a flight.


  • I used to try to make sure I had a glass of wine with dinner when I was on flights because I thought it would help me sleep.


  • But actually, it makes me feel worse.


  • And part of the reason is that when you have alcohol, it affects your ability to go into


  • now, I'm not sure how technically correct I'm saying this, but into your REM cycle,

    厳密に正しいのかはわかりませんが、REM 睡眠のサイクルに影響を及ぼします。

  • I think, so essentially, it affects you being able to get as deep of sleep as possible.


  • So, you wanna have deep sleep because that's when you're going to feel as rested as possible on the other side.


  • So, having alcohol is actually⏤I would avoid it because you might not get as good of sleep as you would've hoped.


  • Another thing that will really help you sleep is to avoid electronic screens.


  • The blue light in them really makes it much more difficult for you to sleep.


  • But instead...


  • You can read a book, or I like to read a kindle because you can turn the light down really low on it.

    本を読むことができます。私は kindle で読むのが好きです。なぜなら、画面の明るさをすごく抑えれるし、

  • And also you don't have to turn that overhead light on and annoy everybody else.


  • Oh, so annoying.


  • - Don't do that! - I know.

    - やめてよね! - よね。

  • Podcasts are really good, too, because can listen to relaxing ones, you can listen to entertaining ones.


  • But you can essentially close your eyes and not have to watch any of those screens.


  • Whatever you feel like listening to at that time.


  • Consider taking a sleeping pill.


  • Have you ever done that before?


  • I think I have, on a long-haul flight to Australia.


  • - I fall asleep pretty easily, though. - Right!

    - 私は元々気安く眠りに落ちる方だけど。 - うん。

  • - But they do work very well for people who don't fall asleep very easily. - Yeah, that's... that's how I am.

    - 気安くすぐ眠りにつけない人にはすごく効果があります。 - うん、私はそうね。

  • I really struggle to sleep, so I try to do it as little as possible.


  • But if I have a really long flight that I must be somewhat awake for at the other end, then sometimes I'll take, like, half of a sleeping pill.


  • Just to give me that little bit of edge to finally actually fall asleep and stay asleep a little bit longer than I usually would.


  • Do be careful with sleeping pills, though, because you can get into quite a dangerous cycle of...


  • If you take it too late on in your flight, and then you have to get off but it's still kicked in.


  • - You're just so drowsy you can't even function. - Yes.


  • So, just make sure you take it at the right time where it will only be on the flight that you're gonna fall asleep.


  • Some of my essentials for being able to sleep on a flight are eye covers to block out the light, warm fuzzy socks, because it is actually scientifically proven that if your feet are cold, it's much harder to fall asleep.


  • I also, if I can fit it into my carry-on, bring an extra blanket.


  • - I always do this. No. - Yeah, it really helps so much because those little blankets on the plane, they don't do anything, really.

    - すごく助かりますよ、だって機内の小さいブランケットは全然足りませんから、本当に。 - 全然ね。

  • And also, you don't always get a blanket on the plane.


  • Especially if it's a short-haul flight, they don't tend to give you blankets, but you'll still get cold!


  • Essentially, if you bring that, it's just going to help you to stay warmer and also just be cozier, and that's gonna help you sleep, too.


  • And then probably the hardest part about dealing with jet lag is once you arrive to your destination and you have to stay awake that first day.


  • Yes. Coffee!


  • I never used to drink coffee.


  • But, um, since going on all these long-haul flights and doing so much travel you're going to have to stay awake at times, which your body's not prepared for, and coffee is a really good way of doing that.


  • I usually drink tea just 'cause I'm not really a big coffee drinker.


  • But doing anything pretty much that just avoids you sitting down or laying down is your best bet.


  • - So, like, take a shower, change into fresh clothes⏤ - Take a walk.

    - シャワーに入ったり、綺麗な服に着替えたり... - 散歩もありです。

  • Takeoh, walks are perfect for that because then you can go and explore.


  • But, like, you're still keeping yourself awake.


  • And expose yourself to the daylight.


  • Don't just stay in whatever dark room that you're in.


  • Your body will adjust so much easier if you're going with the daylight that's... that's out.


  • And then, essentially, just keeping yourself awake as long as you can.


  • At least make sure it's, like, nighttime I guess, like you said, and then you can go to bed.


  • And it's gonna take a couple of days, but the first day is always the hardest.


  • - It is. - Once you get to the first day, it'll be way easier.


  • Sometimes you're like, "I cannot get through this," but you will!


  • You'll get through it; it's going to be alright.


  • Okay, so, those are all of our tips for beating jet lag when you're traveling internationally.

    以上が、海外渡航する際に時差ボケ解消の 4 つの秘訣でした。

  • - Over on Christi's channel, we've recorded a video about how to survive... - How to survive... how to survive a long-haul flight.

    - クリスティのチャンネルではどうやって... - どうやって長時間フライトを乗り切るかです。

  • So, beating jet lag is just the beginning.


  • And we're gonna cover entertainment, things to keep you entertained on the flight, just some general tips, and also everything that you need to bring.


  • And make sure you go subscribe to Backpacking Bananas as well becausewhat can we find there?

    Backpacking Bananas のチャンネルにも登録してくださいね。チャンネルにはどういう動画がある?

  • Loads of backpacking tips, loads of budgeting tips, Follow-Me-Around vlogs everywhere that I go...

    バックパッカーをする時や、予算を考える時のアドバイスがたくさんあります。「Follow-Me-Around 動画ブログ」で私が行くところを全部見れますし...

  • I'm a little bit weird, so if you like that, then go subscribe to my channel.


  • So, click here to have a watch of the video that we've done together.


I've got Christi from Backpacking Bananas with me here today.

今日は Backpacking Bananas の クリスティを一緒に迎えています。

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