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  • Here's five toxic chemicals in your food right now

  • #1) artificial food dyes found in cakes, sport drinks, cheese, candy, and Fruit Loops.

  • If it's bright to the eye, it's probably dye.

  • Artificial food dyes are linked to hyperactivity and brain cancer.

  • But conclusive research is elusive, so Billy's birthday cake is probably safe....for now.

  • #2) Potassium bromate found in roles, and wraps, and bread crumbs, and what have you.

  • It causes kidney damage, makes lab rats lumpy, and will do the same to you, my friend.

  • Assuming you eat thirty three pounds of raw bre ad dough per day.

  • Making the number one person at risk, Kobayashi.

  • #3) Azodicarbonamide

  • Found in frozen dinners, box pasta, and alike. It's known to cause asthma

  • which makes it hard for Billy to blow out his birthday candles. But...

  • It mostly causes asthma in its pure chemical form, and since your average T.V. dinner has only 45 parts-per-million of it

  • you can enjoy your imitation salisbury steak guilt free for the most part...

  • #4) Arsenic. Bad news friend.

  • Farm raised chicken contains arsenic and scientists agree that you shouldn't eat arsenic

  • because arsenic is poison and poison is bad for you.

  • But farm raised chicken has only 2.3 parts-per-billion, that's right, billion of inorganic arsenic.

  • In order for that to be toxic you would have to eat ALL of the chickens.

  • like every single one...

  • Finally, #5) Olestra, a.k.a Olean. Olestra is an alternative to cooking oil found in fat-free potato chips.

  • Side effect include stomach cramps and leaky bowels. Most scientists agree you should avoid it

  • probably because nobody likes leaky bowels. So in conclusion, Happy Birthday Billy,

  • Chicken is not poison, and only eat fat-free chips if you want a dribbly brown eye.

Here's five toxic chemicals in your food right now


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今すぐあなたの食品中の5つの有毒化学物質 (5 Toxic Chemicals In Your Food Right Now)

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