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(fun music)
- Hi we're Joel and Lia.
- And this video is about the time
that we got kicked out
of an Uber in New York.

We've been meaning to tell this story
for a really long time.
- We have.
- I don't know why we haven't
gotten around to telling it.

- When we were in New York,
we did live streams every single day.
And I remember it happened and
we said in the live stream,

we're not going to talk about it
because we're gonna save
it for another video.

And we never have done it.
- So where do we begin, Joel?
It was throwing it down
with rain, wasn't it?

- Yup
- Throwing it down.
I'm talking like the heaviest rain.
- Yeah
- You've ever seen.
When it landed on my skin,
I was like ow, ow, ow, ow!

- Yeah, it was awful.
What we decided to do was that
we wanted to go to Wal-Mart.

So this was the day that
we made the Wal-Mart video,

which if you want to watch it,
it will probably be linked
in the cards or something.

- Can I just say, that video,
ended up being not only my
worst moment on the Internet

because I tried on a fluffy jacket.
Sprayed it with something, and then-
- Perfume.
- I didn't buy it.
- Yeah.
- No, I sprayed it with ab spray.
That's not perfume, that's a joke.
- Yeah but it's perfume, it
was still like nice scent.

I get why people had issues.
- It was meant to give
me abs and it didn't.

- But it was a nice smelling spray
and your allowed to try on things.
Anyway, people just
got triggered about it.

Fair enough, that's fine.
You do you, we'll do us, but anyway.
- Went to Wal-Mart, didn't
intend to do that there

but we wanted to make this video anyway.
- Yeah.
- So we're at our Airbnb
in, where is that Airbnb?

- Actually, we were in
New Jersey, technically.

This was our New York trip,
but we were in New Jersey.

- Yeah.
- In an Airbnb. But so
what we decided was that

we were gonna go to Wal-Mart.
- Yeah.
- But we planned and seen that there was
this big shopping center
that we wanted to go to.

That was apparently was like
an outlet mall in New Jersey,

so it was really cheap clothing
and it was right next to a Wal-Mart.
So we were like, great
we'll go to Wal-Mart,

film the video and then go shopping.
- Okay, yeah, perfect.
So we get our...
Bare in mind we've only got wifi inside
where we're staying.
We haven't got like 3G data on our phone,
cause it's like extortioner
it costs so much per minute.

- Like international roaming charges.
- Yeah.
So we booked this Uber to the Wal-Mart
that's near the outlet center.
- Was it like 45 minutes away?
- Yeah, it was like a 45 minute journey.
I think it was cheaper
to book an uberPOOL?

No we didn't, did we get an uberPOOL?
No we didn't.
- Yeah we did.
- Oh we booked an uberPOOL?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We booked an uberPOOL
because it's slightly cheaper

and we get uberPOOLs
all the time in London.

So we were like, well why not?
- I got one here.
It doesn't matter if
someone jumps in the Uber

they're going in the same direction, its,
you know economical,
is that the right word?

- Economical, economical,
I don't know, all of them.

- Economical?
- Well it's probably
about 10 dollars cheaper

to do an uberPOOL, and were like,
well of course Uber wouldn't
have that feature there

if they don't want you to use it.
So, book uberPOOL, no big deal.
- Yeah, no big deal, we use
it all the time in London.

Didn't know it was different
over there, anyway.

The Uber arrives, we run
out, it's throwing it down.

We get into the Uber and we're
driving for like 25 minutes?

I'd say?
Bare in mind, we've got
no idea where we are.

We're literally like,
we're just getting into someones
car as you would, in a cab,

and we're trusting that
they're going to take us

to the destination we've got-
- Cause we've got no idea.

- On the Uber App.
Which is what we do all the time,
everywhere else, we've
never ever had a problem

with Uber before.
- We sat in the back.
After about 15 minutes
someone else got in,

this man coming out of his house.
- The school, I thought he
was going to an interview

or something.
- I think so.
He was very smartly dressed
and he jumped in the car.

I think he had his earphones in,
he didn't even say hi to the driver.
- Or to us.
- Or to us.
He just got in, that was fine.
We didn't want to talk to anyone anyway.
We're Brits.
- And yeah then we drove
for about 15 more minutes?

To drop him off.
- He got dropped off first,

so it doesn't matter who gets in first,
whoever's destination is on the way first
gets dropped off first.
Just for anyone who isn't familiar.
So, we drop off this
guy and then we sort of,

carrying on to our destination.
- Or about to, no, he
didn't even stop driving.

- He didn't even stop driving did he?
- Oh, so the guy got out
and then he sort of like
stays where he is pulled over

and he was like, bare in mind,
we couldn't understand
a word he was saying,

cause he was kinda French.
- Yeah, he spoke French.
He's from Haiti, it turns out.
And so his English was very broken.
I think he may... they
speak French in Haiti.

I think they do.
- He was speaking to us in French
and he kept saying like,
do you speak French?

In French to us, and we were like, no.
We speak English.
And he basically was
like, get out of the car.

- Yeah, and we're like, why?
It was still throwing it down.
We're like, huh, what do you mean?
He's like, you need to get,
well, all in broken English,

you have to get out I'm not going there.
And we were like, what?
What's going on?
And he said it, he was
so angry and defensive,

just like, get out and we
were like, what is going on?

- We kept looking at each other like,
have you done something?
Have I done something?
I was like looking to see if
if like, has Joel vomited?

What's going on,
that's made this driver
just suddenly really angry

and annoyed?
- And wasn't there something with,
he had his iPad with the rating
and he was like, are you bloody blind?
And then like rated him like one star
because he thought that was you, or like?
- Yeah, he was like, are you,
like say James was the
guys name who just got in.

He's like, are you James?
And I think I was like, no, obviously.
But he gave then that James
guy like a zero rating,

thinking that, that was us.
It was really weird.
- What was the?
Because We couldn't get out
until we agreed to end the trip.

He was like, you need to cancel the trip.
He was like, I can't cancel the trip.
You have to cancel the trip.
And we were like, we
can't we've got no data.

- Got no Internet, no data,
we're in the middle of nowhere.

- There's no wifi.
- Both of us are going
on settings on iPhone,

trying to find if there's like a nearby
anything that we can connect to.
To sort this out, to book a new Uber.
I don't know, there was
nowhere we could even like

run to see to go under cover.
- No.
- If we'd of got out of this car,
we'd just be standing in the
like heavy rain with no signal,

no internet to do anything.
- It was awful.
- It was awful.
- So then, I got, not
angry with him, but I,

you know when you just get in that mood
and you just snap and you're
just like, I'm not getting out.

- You were like I'm not getting out.
- And he was just like
getting more and more angry.

I was like we're not getting out.
- I remember what he said though.
He said something like
location has shown up to me.

I'm not taking you there.
And I was like, why did
you accept the journey,

if you couldn't take us there?
- We later discovered, like
in over our time in New York.

That drivers don't actually
know where you're being,

where you're asking to go.
- Yeah.
- Whereas in London, a driver
gets a notification like,

will you take this person
from Oxford Street to Chelsea

and they go yeah.
- Yeah, cause they were like yeah,
they don't see the final destination.
- They don't see it,
all they see is that someone
in this area needs a lift.

They don't know if they gonna
want to go to the airport,

gonna go this way, gonna go that way,
gonna go to a different state.
Like, they just don't know.
- So I think he had an issue
that we were traveling like

45 minutes out.
- Yeah.
- To go to this shopping center,
but to us we're like,
you accepted the journey,

that means you're taking us there.
If you didn't want to take us there,
you shouldn't have accepted the journey.
- So it was all like lost in translation.
We didn't know that he had no idea.
He couldn't really explain
to us that this was

what was going on.
He just kept being like, not going there.
I'm not going there.
We were like, you're an Uber driver!
- Go there.
- Go there.
We lost it with him.
- But then when we started to explain,
I think that we are British,
cause I think he didn't
even realize we were British

and that we had no Internet,
we were visitors, we were tourists.
- Yeah.
- And I think he calmed down a bit
and he was like, where do you want to go?
And we were like, Wal-Mart.
And he was like.
I think it was like Wa-Ma.
Wa-Ma, what was it?
- Ro, ro, I think he said it with an R.
He said Walmart,
in a way that like sounded
like Wal-Mart but wasn't.

- But not.
And he was like you
wanna go Wa-Ma, whatever,

and we're like, no, Walmart!
Then it became a bit funny,
because we were just
like, what is happening?

- And he was like War-ma,
but like nodding as if to say like,
I know that place and we were like okay!
Drive us there.
And he was like, there's
a Wal-Mart over there.

Yeah he was like there's one
much closer than that one.

I can take you to that
one, but not to that one.

And we were like, fine,
just take us to that one.

- And then-
- Fine, we wont get to the outlet.
- And that was so annoying
because we wanted,

we planned it because we
wanted to go to that outlet.

But fine, it's whatever,
it's shopping, whatever.

- We just have to deal
with this man's tantrum

if he's not going to take us
to where we want to go to.

- So then he started talking
to us and he calmed down a bit.

And then we started like
laughing about it with him.

And he was like, if you want to book,
obviously in his broken English.
If you want to book a trip that far,
you don't do an uberPOOL,
you do normal Uber.

And we were like, that's not how it works.
Like, uberPOOL is there for a reason,
we shared the pool with
the other guy, for a bit.

And then we might share
with someone else as they come along.
- That's the way it works.
- He was just lazy.
- It's like whoever's got
the longest destination,

whatever passengers get on,
and then everyone else
slots in where they need to.

- Yeah.
- That's how uberPOOL works over here.
- I think he was just lazy
because obviously he gets
less money for that trip,

so he was like, I'm not
going to drive all that way

for that little amount of money.
- We don't know that, we
don't know how much he gets.

- No.
- All we know is the price
we agreed to take us there,

which was still quite a lot.
- Yeah, it was still like 30, 40 dollars.
- So we were like, okay,
so that's the cheapest
way of us getting there,

let's do that.
And we jut couldn't
believe that he was like,

get out of the car.
I actually went to the door at one point
and Joel was like, no, stay in the car.
And I was like, yeah, I
was like, what am I doing?

- Yeah, cause we'd have no way to,
it was chucking it down with rain,
we didn't know where we were.
- No.

- Yeah and lots of our viewers
have told us that New Jersey,

parts of New Jersey
aren't very safe as well.

So it was like,
we're not getting out in
the middle of nowhere,

with it chucking down rain.
- I was also wearing
like a skirt, flip flops.

- Cause it was still warm.
- Still warm, it was just raining,
Hot rain that hurts, ow, ow, ow.
- Anyway, turns out he was
here and he didn't even,

he told us like, he
didn't even have a VISA?

- No, no, he said something like.
- He had a normal VISA, not a work VISA.
- Yeah.
- He was like, I'm not
allowed to work here.

- In the end,
this Uber driver basically
told us that he's like

an illegal immigrant.
- From Haiti.
And he was like I just drive up here.
- I drive up here...
- What was he?
Was he a doctor or a police
officer or something?

- No he said he was a
private investigator.

- He said he was a spy.
We were like, what's your normal job then?
- What do you do where you're from?
- In Haiti.
He was like, oh I'm an investigator,
police officer or something.
- We were like, course you are.
Sure you are,
this private investigator
that's told us that he's
basically an illegal worker.

- I don't know what he told us that.
But I think cause he was like,
this is his car that
he drove up from Haiti

or something and like I
don't know he got there.

- To be fair, it was a
quite broken down car.

- It wasn't very nice.
- It wouldn't have passed
as an Uber in the U.K.

- Ubers in the U.K are like pristine.
I was surprised when we went
to New York and New Jersey,

that the Ubers were a bit,
like, one was really nice.

That Mercedes sports car,
we were like balling.

But some of them were gross.
But in the U.K they're all quite standard.
- They're all kinda
the same, Toyota Prius.

Unless you happen to
get a given up Mercedes

or like someone just turns
up, they usually drive that,

the UberLUX, but they're just
doing an Uber normal that day.

And you're like, fancy.
- I'm fancy.
But anyway, he dropped
us off at the Wal-Mart,

not the one we wanted
to go to, one nearer,

which was easier for him.
- And thus came the video, of us.
- The scandalous video.
- The scandalous video
where I thought fish bait was ice cream.
So that was, yeah, that was
the day that we did that.

- And then we ate at Olive Garden
and then we just got an
Uber back home I think.

- Which was freezing.
- You know, we went to
Trader Joe's after that.

- Went to Trader Joe's,
didn't really film.

Filmed a little bit and then went home.
- Went home.
We had a great Uber driver
from Trader Joe's though.

He was so funny.
- He was like-
- Hi!
And we were like, hey!
- In the car park, waiting for us like,
we were like, oh my gosh.
For a second I was like, it's a viewer.
- It's a viewer, he recognizes us,
no he was just a happy man.
- Chappy, lovely guy.
- But I couldn't believe that,
I've never had any issues.

- And you gave him a
good tip, on that one,

cause you were like I really liked him.
- I gave him like, it was
like double the journey price.

Cause I was like, he was so nice.
And I do feel sorry for some Uber drivers.
Cause I fee like they probably
don't get paid that much

- Yeah, I don't know.
I've met Uber drivers over
here that I've like got,

well they told me, I've got property here,
I just do this as a little bit extra.
And I'm like, oh, okay,
alright, you're doing well.

Good for you.
But yeah, there are probably
Uber drivers that are like,

you know living on the line.
- And we hadn't tipped
any other Uber drivers,

cause in the U.K.,
it's not really a thing
that you tip Uber drivers.

So I was like, you know what,
I'm not gonna tip any
Uber driers except one,

who makes me smile.
- And he did.
- He did, so I gave him a nice big tip.
- Yeah, so that was the story
of the sort of chaotic lost in
translation, illegal spy guy.

- Honestly, it sounds
straight forward from

what we were saying.
But when he was saying
all this stuff to us,

it took forever to
understand what he was saying

and for him to understand
what we were saying.

- But when he kept telling us
that he was a spy and stuff,

we were just looking at
each other like, really?

It was so funny.
- It would be even
funnier if he actually was

and like we'd have a flash
forward to his real life.

- Like the kind of guy that
just gets to the scene,

like lights up a fag and
he's like, he did it.

- That's cigarette, by the way.
- Oh yeah, that is a cigarette.
- Most of all, these are Americans,
so that just means cigarette.
But yeah, he literally
would just be so chill

and just like, I'm not
solving this crime, bye.

- Yeah, just walks in and goes,
mmm, nothing happened here,

and just walks back out.
- So bad.
- So thanks for watching guys.
Don't forget to like and subscribe.
Click the notification bell to be notified
on your phone when we've uploaded a video.
- We post videos thrice weekly.
So come back next time, they'll
be another brand new video.

We post, Sundays, Tuesdays,
Thursdays, every single week.

- Sorry, it's cause you said Sunday first,
I was a bit thrown.
- Oh, I should have started,
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sunday.

There we go.
- Yeah, Tuesday, thundays.
Th-th-th-th three-o-clock.
U.K. time, I am tho, thorry.
- Tho thorry, she needs some water.
- So sorry.
- We'll see you next time, bye.
- Bye.
Queen wave.
We need some more stories,
we've probably got some,

just have to think of them.
- Yeah we do, I mean
it's something that we,

like that one we always
knew we wanted to tell them.

But it's ones that we've probably-
- Stuff has happened to us, we just can't,
it's been so many years, of
years and years and years.

- We just need to remember
to tell it to camera.

- Yeah, We need to like
think back to like,

oh that time, when.
- I've got one, but it's too rude.
- No you didn't, no you didn't.
- I know.
- You're amazing.
You're amazing.
Please tell that at like
my wedding or something.

- Your wedding? Shouldn't
it be my wedding?

- Guys, guys, one time.
- One time I did this and they'll like
why are you telling this story?
We should keep that in and
bleep out, what the thing was.

- No way, that's amazing.
That's two things I didn't know about you.



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