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  • (In the classroom)

  • Linda: I called you for my comic book last night, but you didn’t answer.

  • Peter: I didn’t? When did you call?

  • Linda: About nine thirty. What were you doing then?

  • Peter: Oh, I was sleeping when you called. Guess what?

  • I had a strange dream during the sleep and you were in the dream.

  • Linda: Me? What was I doing?

  • Peter: You were watching a horror movie when I entered the living room.

  • Linda: Then?

  • Peter: Suddenly, a ghost came out of the TV and attacked you.

  • Linda: Oh, no! What a terrible dream!

  • Peter: It was, but I fought the ghost and saved you.

  • Linda: You did? How?

  • Peter: I threw your comic book at the ghost.

  • So... after I woke up, I found these.

  • Linda: ... PETER!!!

(In the classroom)


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A2 初級

コンボイ102、書籍3、レッスン4 会話 (康軒102年 第3冊第4課對話)

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