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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 128. The proverb today is you're

  • never too old to learn. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. The meaning of

  • this proverb is literal. I mean it is just what it says. You are never too old

  • to learn. It doesn't matter if you are 80 or 90 or even a centenarian. You know

  • you made it to a hundred. You're over 100. It's all a matter of attitude. And really

  • what you learn, almost doesn't matter too. That's also limitless. You can go back

  • to school and learn or you could just pick up a book, you could learn about

  • your interests your hobbies. You can expand on the learning you already having a

  • subject that you love. It doesn't matter you're never too old to learn. All lright

  • let's continue. To stress this point it is suitable to repeat an old Mark Twain

  • quote. Okay. I covered in an older video. So I covered this in one of my past

  • videos before, but it's good. It's very suitable to this video, and let's look at

  • his quote again. \"Anyone who stops learning is old whether 20 or 80. Anyone

  • who keeps learning stays young. \" Okay Mark Twain also lets you know, even if

  • you are young in your 20s or so and you stop learning or limit your

  • learning you can also become old at a young age. There are many who think

  • learning stops when schooling stops. Actually that could be the time when you

  • can learn the most because you can focus on areas you desire where it can ... and

  • where it can lead you is limitless. And and we all know, when you study things

  • that you like you learn more, and you learn faster. And you learn quicker. So

  • really it's almost limitless and this Mark Twain quote is also not only like

  • the proverb is telling you you're never too old to learn, he's really trying to

  • tell you by learning you actually can stay younger.

  • At least in your mind. You could stay younger. Okay. Let's continue. All right.

  • Let's just give it ... give one good example here for this proverb. Nola Ochs

  • was the oldest one to graduate from college at the age of 95. She earned her

  • MA. So she didn't stop there. She earned her MA in 2010 at the age of 98. So she

  • got her college degree at 95 went and got her master's degree at 98 and she

  • continued taking classes until she was 100. Okay. So of course this is an a/b part.

  • So A actually said that. And then B of course could answer, well it just goes to

  • show, you're never too old to learn. Basically that's it. It let's you know and

  • again you don't have to go back to school to learn. There's many, many ways

  • especially with the Internet today and there's so many other options out there

  • for learning. Again it is almost limitless. So keep it up. Anyway, I hope

  • you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 128. The proverb today is you're


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英語の家庭教師ニックPの箴言 (128) You're Never Too Old to Learn (English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (128) You' re Never Too Old to Learn)

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